Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Orange, NTT 5G, IoT research framework

William Payne
February 28, 2019

Orange and NTT have signed an R&D framework agreement to share research on IoT, AI, 5G, and cybersecurity. The agreement is up to 2022.

Both organisations hope to accelerate the pace of development in these areas, and result in new products and services. NTT will exploit the research findings in new products and services aimed at the Asia Pacific region, while Orange will do likewise in Europe and Africa.

The agreement, which may be extended to other areas at a later date, currently covers cooperation in several areas: 5G and Network technology and transformation: 5G, LoRa, SDN (Software Defined Network), NFV (Network Function Virtualisation) Organisation, Software Asset Management, Identity and Access Management, Open Ecosystems (OCP, TIP, OPNFV, OpenStack, Open Air Interface, ORAN) by using open and white box technologies.

The agreement also covers IoT: including connected value chain with massive devices such as connected vehicles, cellular drone, machine to machine and smart city automation. 

AI and cybersecurity are also covered by the framework, with use cases focused on telco AI and Orange Djingo, as well as cloud cybersecurity, disaster prevention and integration services.

Cultural and lifestyle issues are also covered by the framework, including global and cultural events by using immersive communication technology, tourism, corporate social responsibility, as well as digital lifestyle innovation: healthcare, education, connected devices, AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality), payment/finance, carrier billing and consumer experience.

Stéphane Richard, Chairman & CEO, Orange Group, said: “As Europe embarks on its own 5G journey, our collaboration with NTT will be very precious. Both parties share a commitment to continuous learning and cultural exchange, which I fundamentally believe is essential in today’s global environment. The mutualisation of our respective research learnings will enable us to identify and develop better services for customers in our respective regions, and support the development of our multinational business customers internationally.”

Jun Sawada, CEO, NTT Group, commented: “As “Your Value Partner,” NTT Group will aim to resolve social issues by means of advancing digital transformation through its business activities, by utilising its various management resources and capabilities, such as research and development, ICT infrastructure and personnel, while also collaborating with its partners. Orange is one of the most innovative and important players to cooperate closely in various ways to progress AI, IoT and 5G. With this agreement, we will be able to enhance our capabilities and accelerate digital transformation in various industries, cities, sports and international events in worldwide.”