Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Orange helps start-up deliver fleet management to SMEs

Steve Rogerson
April 21, 2016
Orange Business Services has partnered with UK-based start-up Konetik to launch an aftermarket plug-and-play fleet management system that allows small and medium sized enterprises to manage fleets of vehicles, numbering two to hundreds, which traditionally can be time consuming, expensive and difficult.
As part of the deal, Orange is providing a single, easily-provisioned SIM card that provides data connectivity, together with value added services, including service management and access to a portal for SIM management. The Orange SIM provides users with reliable connectivity and cross-border roaming.
Konetik will initially launch in Germany, which is the biggest European car economy. Subsequently it will roll out the service in the Dach (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region and then to the rest of Europe. The company charges a flat monthly service rate with no additional costs.
The system incorporates an intuitive and secure device that plugs into the diagnostic port of the vehicle to access data, such as fuel consumption, driving behaviour and telematics. The data are sent to the cloud via a direct data connection. The fleet manager can access these data through an easy-to-use dashboard on the computer for further analysis.
Orange has been involved with Konetik since the early days of the product development, providing support on the optimal connectivity for the proof-of-concept testing.
“Cars generate a large amount of accessible data which we believe could benefit SMEs in streamlining their fleet management to make data-driven decisions, making the whole process simpler and less time consuming,” said Balazs Szabo, CEO of Konetik. “As a start-up, it has been an enormous benefit having the ongoing support of the Orange Business Services team and their expertise to provide our end-users with the best customer experience.”
Benefits include the ability to track vehicle usage, which is especially important where vehicles are being used for both private and company purposes. The system can also take care of routine administration such as route optimisation, job management and log book details. In addition, drivers can access their information via a smartphone app that can help them develop their driving skills and increase efficiency.
“Orange Business Services’ extensive expertise in communications and the connected car industry have enabled Konetik to design an innovative service specifically designed for SMEs,” said Anne-Sophie Lotgering, senior vice president at Orange Business Services. “We are proud to be helping a start-up like Konetik rethink the way SMEs can manage their car fleets in a reliable and simplified way.”
From fixed and mobile connectivity to a full range of specific services for the connect car market, Orange has proven experience supporting leading automobile manufacturers, such as Tesla Motors, Renault and PSA Peugeot Citroën.
Konetik is the product of IoT Labs, a London based company. Konetik has offices in London, Budapest and Berlin. The company was part of the European Pioneers accelerator programme and now a member of the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center. It is backed by angel investors.