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Oracle helps utilities make the most of smart meter data

Steve Rogerson
July 14, 2015
Oracle Utilities has announced DataConnect, a data extraction feature that allows utilities to leverage data more easily across their systems, including those provided by third-party vendors. This tool exports customer and usage information for use in downstream applications, enabling utilities to derive greater value from their data and provide offerings, such as conservation programmes and audit tools, which require access to consistent and accurate data.
Utilities worldwide are making major investments in smart meter technology to capture abundant usage and customer data. However, these companies often do not realise the full value of those data because they lack the tools to use them across technology systems. With DataConnect, California-based Oracle Utilities has simplified the extraction and sharing of data by enabling utilities to more easily export high volumes into clean files that can be used in various applications.
“Utilities often leverage third-party applications, such as energy management platforms, to deliver value-add services to their customers,” said Rodger Smith, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Utilities. “However, accessing customer and meter data and using them in downstream applications presents a major obstacle. Oracle recognised that customer information systems and meter data management systems should not restrict the use of these powerful data. DataConnect gives utilities the power to freely access their customer and meter data and leverage them to deliver excellent service and drive peak performance across the organisation.”
While developing this feature, Oracle Utilities worked with several partners to determine the easiest and most effective way to access critical data. With the DataConnect feature, utilities can now automate data extraction from multiple sources and use them across applications, whether within the complete Oracle Utilities platform or other third-party applications leveraged by the utility.
“EnergySavvy’s energy efficiency quantification software, Optix Quantify, utilises usage data to measure and calculate energy savings in real time,” said Scott Case, COO at EnergySavvy. “DataConnect provides that valuable customer and meter data simply and easily, decreasing the time to value and helping utilities realise maximum performance from Optix Quantify.”
And Alex Kinnier, senior vice president of product at Opower, added: “Utilities are looking for solutions that increase operational excellence and customer engagement. When incorporated into Oracle software, Opower’s customer engagement analytics can become even more powerful for our utility partners. Through DataConnect, utilities can leverage the power of both Opower and Oracle solutions to easily deliver customer and operational insights.”