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Oracle extends warehouse management capabilities

Steve Rogerson
July 10, 2018

To help reduce logistics costs, optimise inventory levels and improve customer service, Oracle has extended its warehouse management system (WMS) cloud capabilities. The enhancements provide heightened inventory visibility through yard management and integration with the Californian software company’s inventory management cloud, as well as extensibility with the addition of the Rest APIs.
Legacy transportation and warehouse management systems are often unable to provide insight into trailers in the yard, which creates a significant gap into visibility that can lead to fulfilment delays. The WMS cloud yard management capabilities directly address this, making it easier to locate shipments in trailers to expedite unloading for high priority inventory.
Integration service based integrations between WMS and inventory management clouds should enable enterprise resource planning and supply chain management cloud users to implement source-to-settle and order-to-cash flows to improve business responsiveness. The addition of Rest web service APIs improves extensibility and enables users to customise the WMS cloud for their specific business and industry needs.
"We were consistently running out of inventory and needed a scalable solution that would deliver real-time visibility into inventory to grow our business," said Eduardo Gonzalez de Boado Halcon, vice president of supply chain at Supermercados Peruanos, "Since implementing Oracle WMS cloud, our stock outs have reduced by 80 per cent and our market share has increased by six per cent, which equates to a lot of revenue."
The enhancements strengthen Oracle's position in cloud-based warehouse management and transportation management systems, delivering end-to-end logistics capabilities including warehouse management, transportation management and global trade management cloud services.
"Today's ecommerce driven economy has changed customer expectations for fulfilment, and delays or inconsistencies can significantly impact customer satisfaction and loyalty," said Diego Pantoja-Navajas, vice president at Oracle. "The extended capabilities to Oracle WMS cloud enable companies to gain greater visibility of inventory so they can implement more rapidly, reduce costs, optimise inventory levels and deliver consistent, high-quality customer experience."
The latest improvements to the WMS cloud include:

  • Yard management: Offers organisations inventory visibility into trailers and their contents in the yard. This allows companies to expedite unloading high priority trailers and shipments needed to speed-up order fulfilment.
  • Extensibility: Allows customers and partners to build customised extensions to standard cloud-based WMS capabilities using Rest web service APIs. These tailored functionalities enable personalised timelines to meet specific business requirements while reducing cost.
  • Inventory management cloud integration: Service-based integrations to the inventory management cloud for inbound logistics, inventory operations and outbound fulfilment. This enables ERP and SCM cloud users to implement source-to-settle and order-to-cash flows at an accelerated pace.
  • User experience: A browser-based user interface look and feel helps simplify the user experience.
  • Global support: Ten additional languages are supported – traditional Chinese, traditional French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Thai and Turkish.
  • Barcode scanning: Allows processing of multi-element 1D and 2D barcodes.