Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

OnSemi launches IoT mesh and AI products at Electronica

Steve Rogerson
November 13, 2018

On Semiconductor is unveiling IoT products for wireless mesh networking, battery-less edge nodes and artificial intelligence at this week’s Electronica trade show in Munich.
Demonstrations on the Arizona company’s stand will feature vision, audio and low-power node-to-cloud technology for upcoming IoT applications.
On show will be IoT prototyping platforms based on the RSL10 radio system on chip (SoC). Two most recent additions to the portfolio of IoT platforms include the B-IDK Bluetooth IoT development kit and an energy-harvesting Bluetooth Low Energy switch. Demonstrations will cover mesh networking, battery-less edge nodes, and the latest audio and vision devices powering artificial intelligence at the edge.
The RSL10 is claimed to be the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth Low Energy SoC, consuming 62.5nW in sleep mode and 7mW when receiving. It integrates an RF transceiver and Arm Cortex-M3 microcontroller, offering a single chip for developing intelligent and connected IoT edge nodes. It can enable edge nodes that are able to operate purely from harvested energy, creating possibilities for totally battery-less, maintenance-free, connected IoT edge nodes.
The B-IDK is a modular platform for developing and prototyping Bluetooth Low Energy applications targeting the IoT. It brings together the RSL10 with a range of sensor and actuator modules for rapid development, along with a companion mobile application to provide instant cloud connectivity. This provides an out-of-the-box hardware to cloud product that is ready to use and supported with sample software.
On Semiconductor’s stand will include four IoT demonstrations highlighting use-cases of the RSL10, including a Bluetooth Low Energy mesh networking demonstration featuring the RSL10 sensor development kit. This showcases the enablement of many-to-many connections using a combination of the lowest power Bluetooth LE, sensor and mesh technology.
Other demonstrations include battery-less and wireless edge nodes implementing Bluetooth LE, Zigbee and Green Power, all powered by energy harvested from motion and solar sources. The company will also showcase a machine vision camera incorporating image sensors and a power over Ethernet (PoE) transceiver. In addition, visitors will learn how On Semiconductor technology is being used to add artificial intelligence to IoT edge nodes to detect and react to audio commands using natural language processing.