Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

One Network control tower automates supply chain

Steve Rogerson
April 21, 2020

One Network Enterprises, a Texas-based provider of multi-party business networks for autonomous supply chain management, has announced a telematics-enabled control tower with real time tracking through its telematics network.
For global carriers, freight forwarders and other logistics service providers, it includes pre-integrated connections to telematics services, making it easier to connect and collaborate with shipping partners on One Network's real-time value network, which includes more than 75,000 companies.
Typical telematics are limited, providing only GPS tracking and sensor data for shipments. The One Network offering provides more than vehicle status, with the details of every order that's on board and predicted future location ETAs. In the event of a delay, it provides contingency plans powered by machine learning, which are ranked and designed to increase service levels at the lowest cost.
The offering optimises plans continuously, comparing actual versus plan, identifies variances and reports the impact on logistics and supply chain performance in real time.
"Supply chain management is only as real time as the actual data," said Johann van der Westhuizen, vice president at One Network. "When telematics technology is tightly coupled with network-based planning and execution in a telematics-enabled control tower, companies can significantly increase resilience and optimise performance. On top of that, our solution is highly cost-effective in our platform, and enables us to bring telematics services to the market at a fraction of the cost of other offerings for real-time tracking and visibility."
More than just transportation, it identifies the impact on orders and customers. Beyond vehicle or container "what is where", actual order and item level details are shown. Unlike basic tracking, companies can understand the true impact of delays on customers and the business.
The control tower includes full planning and transaction execution capabilities that use telematics monitoring and intelligence to keep plans and schedules optimal. Plans and schedules adapt based on information detected in the monitoring of actual execution. This enables managers to react immediately and realise the benefits of real-time telematics data without relying on manual methods commonly encountered when using multiple systems.
One Network combines telematics data with artificial intelligence and machine learning for planning. Real-time visibility is standard with the control tower, and the telematics capability now supports improved planning and execution, for example in considering vehicle predicted future location in planning and scheduling. This improves network intelligence by learning actual travel times and patterns, and uses ETA and smart time fences (latest time to depart) to detect delays and potential delays. This also improves accuracy of ETA data by supplementing carrier data with telematics.
The unified platform combines telematics with planning and execution. Real-time visibility is integral with planning and execution processes for improved results. This is in contrast to traditional telematics aggregator providers that often require systems integration effort and on-going maintenance, which adds cost to their visibility-only services.
Headquartered in Dallas, One Network has offices in Japan, Europe and India.