Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Omni-ID RFID tags enhance supply chain enablement

Steve Rogerson
April 28, 2015
New York based Omni-ID has unveiled the next generation of its View three and four RFID tags, enhancing its Proview intelligent supply chain and IoT enablement products.
This latest generation have a lower profile, faster response times, extended battery life and a rugged, streamlined form factor designed to replace paper tags for operator instruction, replenishment and container management applications in large capital goods manufacturing.
With a 7.6 or 10.1cm screen, the View products fit seamlessly into the materials flow process to replace paper labelling on existing racks, bins or other on-floor transport systems. They combine passive and active RFID to drive real-time instruction to and from operators at the point of assembly, while also returning analytics to plant management. Each e-paper tag can be automatically or manually triggered to display custom instructions at different locations on the factory floor, and remotely updated instantaneously as priorities and build schedules fluctuate.
“The View three and four tags powered by our Proview system have been successfully driving processes in some of the world’s top manufacturers with great success,” said George Daddis, chief executive officer of Omni-ID. “We are leading the charge in the growing market for IoT applications for industry. Our Proview system not only replaces paper work instructions, but also allows tracking throughout the entire manufacturing process – solving one of the most significant visibility and information gaps in manufacturing. We’re feeding analytics packages that are making a significant difference in throughput at a time when corporations are looking for more ways to be globally competitive. We’ve brought the internet of things to the plant floor.”
The Proview system has been installed in multiple Fortune 500 manufacturing facilities, including four of the world’s top automotive companies, in a leading tyre manufacturing facility, at Whirlpool’s high-volume washing machine plant in Ohio and several others, including Detroit, a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America and the leading manufacturer of on-highway heavy-duty diesel engines and axles for the commercial truck market.
“Unlike paper and other traditional electronic tagging, Omni-ID’s Proview is an IoT solution that gives us the ability to not only track our materials, but control the process flows,” said Robert Hyden, Detroit’s IT manager. “The process visibility and control that the system provides has created a number of efficiencies for us – not to mention the savings from the paper alone. We’re now expanding to several other manufacturing lines within our facility.”
Omni-ID’s flagship IoT-based Proview system is said to be the first in the market to offer a true paperless workflow to manufacturing. It combines the immediate reliability of paper labels with the automated tracking and item level control inherent in IoT technologies.
The company formally unveiled these products at the RFID Journal Live conference in San Diego, California, earlier in April.