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Omnitracs expands telematics to fleets of all sizes

William Payne
November 11, 2016

Texas based fleet management specialist Omnitracs has introduced new capabilities to two of its fleet telematics solutions targeting a wider number of industries using a variety of vehicle classes, to allow fleets of all sizes to realise greater benefits from real-time asset tracking and data-based fleet visibility.

Geared especially toward short-haul fleets, Omnitracs Roadnet Telematics provides company fleet managers a big picture view that allows them to optimise fuel consumption, reduce maintenance costs, maximise productivity and identify under-utilised assets, reducing costs associated with out-of-service vehicles by up to 25%. 

Its accelerometer technology offers highly sensitive detection of manoeuvres in any direction, including high speed, harsh breaking, rapid acceleration, and even backing into a loading dock. 

In-cab alarms alert drivers to risky driving behaviours, providing them with real-time feedback that allows them to immediately address the practices that put them at risk. 

Omnitracs Roadnet Telematics is offered as a bundle that includes hardware, training, and data. Omnitracs also provides integration to Omnitracs Roadnet Telematics with Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere, its route planning, dispatching, and delivery solution, as well.

For companies and carriers with smaller fleets looking to combine both telematics and compliance solutions, the Omnitracs XRS platform enables the use of smartphones and tablets to quickly and inexpensively equip their fleets with the applications and data previously available only to the largest carriers. 

The “plug-and-play” in-cab relay device provides diagnostic and positioning data via Bluetooth to the driver’s Android or Windows Mobile device. With the ability to leverage mobile technology, the XRS compliance solution provides fleet managers with real-time intelligence, while minimising drivers’ time spent on tracking activities. 

Omnitracs XRS offers customizable plans with add-on options for those with more complex performance and monitoring needs, including: support for both HOS and non-HOS driver time tracking; automated, compliant Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports and International Fuel Tax Agreement reporting; Critical Event Reporting, Trip Management and Fault Monitoring.

“Often these solutions have been seen as being geared for only larger carriers that could deploy and support these critical intelligence-based decision-making tools,” said Kevin Haugh, Chief Strategy and Product Officer. “Omnitracs’ expanded telematics portfolio offers tailored plans and the simplicity of a single device for each vehicle. Now, telematics is accessible whether you’re a large carrier or food service business in need of compliance — or a small landscaping business in need of track and trace capabilities that can scale up when the company grows.”