Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Illinois start-up implements smart freight trucking

Steve Rogerson
November 13, 2018

Olimp – an IT-start-up headquartered in Illinois – has released a smart service for the freight trucking industry that is designed to improve the efficiency of each participant in the transportation and warehousing business.
The service in the USA organises the processes of ordering, warehousing and delivering goods to improve efficiency. Blockchain technologies increase the transparency of all transactions.
With the help of the warehouse-sharing platform, users will have an online access to a federal network of warehouses on demand. If necessary, the system can provide temporary storage of goods and/or cross-docking at one of the warehouses of the network to provide local distribution of freights.
"By ordering warehousing, cross-docking or local delivery through the Olimp service, the client can be sure that his freight will be safely stored and delivered,” said Vlad Gasnikov, CEO of Olimp. “They choose based on price, place and rating of the warehouse in the Olimp network. Our platform is the online community of warehouse owners and tenants which helps to share available square feet. Shipment consolidation, warehousing and cross docking on demand, as well as the option of local distribution, increase the efficiency of work and provide a constant flow of new users."
The beta version of the service was presented at the international start-up conference Web Summit, held in Lisbon, Portugal, earlier this month.
The second stage of the project will be a direct artificial intelligence connection between shippers and carriers based on the network of warehouses on demand. Carriers will get fully loaded trailers, by sharing trailer space between a few shippers. Thanks to a wide network of warehouses and a pool of drivers with available working hours, all shipments can be delivered without a ten-hour delay.