Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Olea wireless respiration monitor could replace spirometers

Steve Rogerson
November 22, 2016

Olea Sensor Networks has introduced an IoT development platform with software analytics for contact-less, remote health monitoring applications, featuring real-time data collection of respiratory function.
The RespiroTrack with OleaSense wireless, contactless device can collect and process respiration data, and extract statistics using the Nevada company's intelligent sensor analytics, transmitting it via Bluetooth to the cloud. No external wires and no contact with the body are required. Its compact design, smaller than a business card, may be embedded in a bed, worn around the neck or in a shirt pocket for immediate results.
Today's clinical spirometers are bulky and intrusive, requiring the patient to insert a tube in their mouth. The only alternative to this is a manual breath count, which provides no auxiliary data or analytics. Respiratory function can be an indicator of many major conditions including congestive heart failure, COPD and asthma. The RespiroTrack offers the patient low-stress comfort and not only tracks respiratory function but has the ability to offer predictive analysis of potential conditions due to trends and fluctuations in respiratory function.
"This is a major step forward in digital health," said Frank Morese, Olea CEO. “Olea RespiroTrack provides a platform for enhanced machine learning diagnostics which assist our understanding of the human biological system. It's an advanced sensing technology, capable of unprecedented accuracy. We believe the time has come for this product, as market leaders seek the most advanced, streamlined, connected technologies to facilitate efficiency and outreach in healthcare markets worldwide."
In 2013, Olea launched its flagship product, the OS-3001 intelligent multi-sensor platform, for non-clinical R&D use as a handheld, wearable, wireless, intelligent, multi-sensor data acquisition platform. It serves as a sensor hub with various on-board intelligent sensors. Since then, Olea has produced the OS-3005 and OS-3008 platforms for vital sign sensing, the OleaVision life presence detector, and Olea HeartSignature biometric technology.