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OATI receives patent for secure smart grid technology

Steve Rogerson
September 27, 2016
Open Access Technology International (OATI) has announced its latest patent for GridSafe, a process that allows smart grid devices to communicate securely over the internet and IP networks.
Minneapolis-based OATI has been granted a patent from the US Patent Office for the GridSafe public key infrastructure (PKI) security mechanism.
The patent sets a standard for how grid edge device, and other high security IoT devices, can be secured and authenticated. PKI digital certificate security is embedded on IoT devices to ensure device authentication and encryption of all data transmission.
“OATI has been committed to the security of the energy industry since its founding more than 20 years ago,” said David Heim, chief strategy officer at OATI. “The GridSafe process will continue OATI’s commitment to securing the energy grid and its extension to grid edge IoT devices.”
GridSafe uses security infrastructure for energy markets across North America, including OATI WebCares, a PKI and certificate authority (CA) that is held to rigorous industry and security standards audits such as NAESB WEQ-012, Webtrust, and CA/Browser Forum. OATI will deploy GridSafe for smart grid applications and provide licensing with complementary products.
“OATI is proud of this great accomplishment,” said Sasan Mokhtari, president and CEO of OATI. “With GridSafe, a solution for securing the millions of IoT devices and end points that are necessary for smart grid operations is here.”
OATI provides software that simplifies, streamlines and empowers the operational tasks required in energy commerce and smart grids. With more than 1600 customers in North America, OATI deploys large, complicated and diverse mission-critical applications committed to industry standards and stringent NERC CIP guidelines.