Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Nyansa AI offering integrates security and analytics

Steve Rogerson
April 17, 2019

California-based Nyansa has unveiled the AI-based Voyance IoT that integrates IoT security and device performance analytics in one platform. It automatically classifies, secures and analyses the behaviour of IoT devices from end to end across enterprise wired and wireless access networks.
As organisations deploy non-traditional networked devices to address business critical initiatives, they face new challenges of how to codify and control the behaviour, performance and security of these devices. These include, for instance, connected infusion pumps, EKG machines and smart temperature sensors in healthcare; smart robots, connected tools and barcode scanners in manufacturing and distribution; and even esoteric connected devices such as smart lights, speakers, digital frames and 3D printers in any industry. These modern IoT devices create threats that differ from other connected devices, rendering traditional security tools ineffective.
Voyance IoT represents a different approach to IoT operational assurance that leverages AIOps technology to help IT, cyber security and line of business proactively address key issues triggered by the IoT, including:

  • Continuous discovery, inventory and classification of every critical IoT device;
  • Baselining IoT device behaviour for risk assessment and threat detection in real time;
  • Automating security enforcement to restrict access to malicious or compromised devices;
  • Ensuring policy adherence of critical IoT devices via micro segmentation;
  • Detecting and providing root cause for any IoT devices having connectivity problems;
  • Enabling global industry views into IoT threats, behaviour and performance benchmarks; and
  • Tracking use, risk and performance of IoT devices to provide key operational insights.
"Companies are spending billions on new non-traditional connected devices to drive specific business outcomes and need assurance that they are achieving the highest possible return on these investments as well as the peace of mind of knowing, unmistakably, that these systems are secure," said Abe Ankumah co-founder and CEO of Nyansa. "With Voyance IoT, Nyansa is addressing these pressing industry performance and security concerns on a proven AIOps platform that has become the de facto standard for big data IT analytics."
Deployed by hundreds of enterprises, Voyance analyses the end-to-end behaviour of more than 20 million end devices. The benefits of this vast data combined with threat intelligence feeds yield unique value to all Voyance users.
As vendor-agnostic analytics, Voyance goes beyond simple security to give IT, cyber security and line of business owners insight into IoT operational assurance. This includes asset inventory, connectivity, performance and root cause analysis, vulnerability management, risk assessment, and policy compliance. It also helps organisations extend their cyber-security programmes by aligning its core features to the NIST 800-53 and ISO 27K cyber-security frameworks.
Voyance IoT now allows enterprises to inventory and classify IoT devices automatically, employing a machine-learning based, hierarchical device classification system that uses the detailed behavioural signature of each detected device. Beyond automatic classification, users are also afforded the flexibility of tagging critical devices and assets for continuous analysis within the Voyance IoT security lifecycle management framework.
Once identified, users immediately have detailed knowledge of every IoT device in their environment, where they are located and their level of use. They also gain insight into problematic devices that are having any kind of issues connecting to their application with insight into the root cause of the issue.
All IoT devices are fully characterised with an historic baseline of their normal behaviour. If an abnormality is detected, Voyance IoT seamlessly integrates into a user's cyber-security workflow via their security operations system. This allows them to enact corrective action directly within Voyance such as quarantining, revoking access or other user defined actions through direct integrations to their existing infrastructure.
With patented cloud-native technology that provides anonymised insights for all users into their IoT devices' global behaviour and threat data, Voyance IoT lets them compare device behaviour with other anonymous Voyance users to gain objective answers to questions surrounding IoT performance and security.
By analysing IoT data in full context with all other infrastructure data, IT staff can proactively find and fix performance issues, automatically identify potential threats and actively enforce policies to ensure the highest levels of security without having to purchase and deploy disparate IoT point products that represent yet another vendor IT tool to master.
The AIOps platform includes vendor and technology integrations, so users can get the most out of their existing infrastructure and software investments.
Available immediately, Voyance IoT is offered as a public SaaS or private cloud system and priced on annual subscription basis, based on the number of network nodes under observations within the platform. Starting at $16,000 per year for a one-year subscription, it is a completely agentless and software-only service requiring no changes to existing network infrastructure.
Based in Palo Alto, California, Nyansa was founded in September 2013 and is a privately held company backed by venture investors including Intel Capital and Formation |8.