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Power Plus picks NXP to meet German smart metering security rules

Steve Rogerson
January 7, 2015
German broadband powerline communications provider Power Plus Communications has picked NXP’s security module for its communications gateways in critical grid infrastructure applications.

The module will let Power Plus Communications’ smart meter gateway development partner OpenLimit meet the new security protection profile and associated technical directives for smart metering systems as issued by BSI, the Federal Office of Information Security in Germany.

The embedded module enables strong authentication of metering systems to the cloud while ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of data exchanged between data management operators, control systems, metering equipment and smart home devices.

"NXP is delighted to partner with an innovative company such as Power Plus Communications, creating ground-breaking, secure smart grid technologies using NXP cyber security chips," said Sami Nassar, vice president and general manager of authentication at NXP Semiconductors. "Our partnership with Power Plus Communications is built upon NXP's long-time expertise in security technology, as well as our leading position in the overall Identification market. It also builds on our experience in key market segments such as e-government, banking, public transport and mobile transactions."

The module will be certified according to the BSI Common Criteria Protection Profile and is an integral part of the company's A-series cyber security range, a family of turn-key products tailored to different device types such as meters, communications gateways and hubs, data concentrators, intelligent devices and industrial controllers.

The system will use the IntegralSecurity architecture of NXP's SmartMX high-security microcontrollers, which incorporate more than 100 security features to protect the cryptographic keys and computations, as one of the elements of its end-to-end system security. NXP has shipped more than one billion SmartMX chips, including to 86 out of 102 countries with e-passport projects and financial institutions worldwide.

"NXP is a committed partner and we are very excited to integrate A-series proven and high performance security technology into our platforms,'' said Ingo Schönberg, CEO of Power Plus Communications.