Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Numerex in manufacturing logistics move

William Payne
September 22, 2015
Atlanta, Georgia based IoT and M2M specialist Numerex has launched the iManage industrial IoT system to allow companies to manage production and distribution processes not only within their plants, but across their whole supply chain.
With iManage, manufacturers can wirelessly track, manage and analyse the flow of production parts, assemblies and racks between factories, suppliers and warehouses.
IManage is built on Numerex's cloud-based platform, alerting supply chain professionals in the event of a stoppage, slowdown or other issue, ensuring that production facilities continue to operate without suffering material shortages, increased shipping charges or unplanned downtime.
According to Numerex, iManage provides data for tracking compliance with 3PL service-level agreements, and mitigates loss or theft of shipping racks, containers or high-value inventory.
"With the geographic diversity of suppliers and plants, a significant challenge for many manufacturing companies is managing the complexity of production and distribution processes outside their own facilities," said Mike Lang, SVP of IoT for Numerex. "IManage gives managers real-time visibility into materials flow beyond the boundaries of their factory to uncover delays before they become problematic.
"IManage is currently integrated into the operations of a leading manufacturing company that regularly ships containers to various manufacturing locations, and among multiple suppliers' facilities to build their products. The solution has been proven to maximise production efficiencies, minimise inventory and significantly reduce waste in this real-world use case, time and again."