Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Numerex satellite system tracks high-value assets

Steve Rogerson
April 1, 2015
Atlanta-based M2M provider Numerex has unveiled an unlimited satellite-based method for tracking critical and high-value assets, dispersed to virtually any location worldwide, with a reporting frequency of as little as every five minutes.
The system combines the company's SmartGuide application with its SX1 sensor serial-port enabled tracking device, and a 32-satellite network to provide global coverage with fixed monthly fees starting at US$60 per month. It also allows for configuration with other off-the-shelf, non-Numerex branded devices.
Built for near real-time tracking, the service communicates easy-to-understand location and status data through high-volume messaging.
The Numerex satellite data network uses 32 low-earth orbiting satellites providing low-latency messaging services supported by more than 120 countries and many global maritime associations. The SX1 device meets or exceeds the latest environmental standards as well as carrying the Hero (Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance) certification.
Including device, network and application – Numerex DNA – it allows companies to scale up quickly to deploy and immediately begin tracking vital assets such as vehicles, commercial equipment, containers or virtually anything of high value used in the maritime, oil and gas, forestry, and other industries.
"This new pre-packaged service offers customers everything they need to immediately track and monitor vital assets around the clock and around the world," said Scott Wiley, senior vice president at Numerex. "Providing GPS visibility, event monitoring and remote asset data for high-value assets on a near-real time basis is critical to many of our customers operating in globally-dispersed areas. This service is designed to ensure they can identify, locate, monitor performance and diagnose their critical assets, all for a low-cost fixed monthly subscription fee."