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NTT rolls out M2M service in Hong Kong and Thailand

Steve Rogerson
February 4, 2015
Tokyo-based NTT Communications is rolling out a secure globally available mobile service for M2M communications in Hong Kong and Thailand with other worldwide markets planned over the coming months.
The Arcstar Universal One Mobile service combines globally integrated mobile networks with NTT Com's Arcstar Universal One virtual private network to realise economical and secure M2M connection.
NTT Com has a proven track record of offering M2M and a well-established relationships with M2M business partners in Japan. The company will now leverage its expertise to help customers worldwide exploit the full potential of M2M.
M2M communications using mobile connections are being increasingly deployed around the world to collect data from sensors and other devices for new businesses, such as monitoring the operational status of exported machinery and vehicles and managing cross-border supply chains. It is not easy, however, for enterprises to arrange the necessary M2M connections in each global business location. They must sign contracts for mobile connectivity in each country, then manage these connections and ensure that the necessary security measures are deployed.
This service enables enterprises to access, operate and manage mobile connections around the world, as well as centrally manage these connections through a web portal. It is said to resolve all the issues enterprises have in regard to introducing, managing and protecting the security of their mobile communications for global M2M operations.
The Arcstar Universal One Mobile connects directly to the mobile networks of NTT Com partners, so data from devices are transmitted securely without going across the internet. Seamless, secure connection to NTT Com’s cloud computing service for M2M data storage and application development will be provided at no additional cost.
The NTT Communications Business Portal, a free web portal site for corporate users, lets them confirm sim status, including activation, suspension and traffic logs, for efficient operation and management of M2M business. The portal also enables users to check operational information concerning NTT Com Cloud and Arcstar Universal One service resources.