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N-Side suite optimises clinical trial process

Steve Rogerson
March 19, 2019

Belgian software consulting company N-Side has launched an applications suite that uses analytics and machine learning to optimise the clinical trial process.
It optimises the entire clinical trial supply chain management process from planning and production through to protocol design and delivery of supplies. Data analytics and machine learning algorithms improve decision-making and can future-proof design and planning.
Managing clinical trials is becoming increasingly complex, with drug companies facing rising pressure to reduce drug waste and costs while maintaining high levels of service for patients. It’s important that the uncertainty inherent in global trials can be managed in a safe and efficient way to ensure patients receive their medication on time.
The suite gives pharmaceutical and biotech companies the power to future-proof their clinical trial planning by using an intelligent blend of analytics technologies to produce reliable forecasts. Simulations are run thousands of times allowing for informed production planning and proactive risk mitigation, resulting in reduced drug waste.
Rather than stand-alone tools optimising different components of clinical trials, N-Side offers a suite of integrated applications to optimise clinical trial supply chain management globally from start to finish.
A production app works on strategic decisions to achieve the most efficient end-to-end production plan for each compound. A supply app improves clinical trial supply management from protocol design through to operation of on-going trials. And a dashboard app visualises and allows interaction with data, providing feedback using current trial data and alerting users if studies deviate from the agreed uncertainty assumptions.
Clinical supply chain teams can share latest status and relevant data with the whole organisation, from management to finance.
The apps feed into a single, centralised database allowing information to be shared easily and efficiently between different stakeholders, increasing transparency and communications across the organisation and allowing collaborative decision-making.
N-Side has been an active player in clinical trial supply forecasting and simulation for more than 15 years. The suite improves on the firm’s CT-Fast, which facilitates forecasting of the supply process. This new suite will enable clinical trial managers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to future-proof their clinical trial supply chain management while reducing costs, drug waste and risk.
The company uses cloud-based technologies and algorithms, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to solve complex industry problems.