Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Nokia and Infosys drive digital transformation

Steve Rogerson
November 13, 2018
Nokia and Infosys, a consulting, technology and services company, have established an alliance to drive digital transformation in a wide array of enterprises and industries, addressing vertical markets such as transportation, energy, manufacturing, media, entertainment and education.
This collaboration will couple technology, products and services from Nokia with platforms, engineering and operations management expertise from Infosys.
The goal of the alliance is to help enterprises digitalise their operations by applying the latest in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and lean management coupled with the connectivity offered by mobile broadband and IoT networks.
As part of the collaboration, the two companies are developing ways to address the specific needs of particular customer sets. Among the initial focus areas is the development of digital asset management for the industrial environment that will give enterprises a deeper understanding of the behaviour of critical enterprise systems, enabling them to anticipate maintenance and operational requirements.
The companies are also working on digitalising business and operational processes for communications, media and entertainment companies. Finally, the companies are engaged in the smart education market, leveraging wireless broadband, cloud and IoT technologies to create digital education, supporting smart campus and smart classroom environments.
"The rapidly changing technology landscape with focus on digital, software-defined networking, machine learning, IoT to name a few is constantly challenging organisations to transform their business and operating models,” said Anand Swaminathan, SVP at Infosys. “Our strategic alliance with Nokia aims at resolving some of these challenges to help customers stay competitive in a highly evolving world, leveraging ubiquitous connectivity to operate as digital enterprises in a hyper connected economy."
The alliance agreement supports Nokia's strategy of expanding its customer base outside the traditional telecommunications sphere, a key focus of the company's diversification efforts. It also highlights Infosys' role in digital transformation by providing end-to-end, next-generation business services to vertical enterprises.
"I'm very excited to embark upon this integrated partnership that aims at delivering Industry 4.0 to customers worldwide,” said Laurent Le Gourrierec, head of strategic partnerships at Nokia. “The unique strengths of our two companies put us in an ideal position to take advantage of the wave of digital transformation that is sweeping the manufacturing, energy and transportation markets and other major industries."