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Nokia brings 5G and IoT to Japanese enterprises

Steve Rogerson
December 17, 2019

Nokia is building an ecosystem partnership to bring 5G and IoT to enterprises in Japan.
Finland-based Nokia wants to bring local 5G and private wireless LTE to industrial and government users in Japan. Spectrum designated for local 5G will be released in Japan at the end of 2019 for enterprise use.
Taking advantage of this spectrum and with its industry partners, Nokia says it will help accelerate IoT for industries in Japan by offering an end-to-end industrial grade private wireless portfolio.
The Japanese government is releasing 5G spectrum designated for individual companies and local governments – known in Japan as local 5G – at the end of 2019. This will enable enterprises, regional authorities and other organisations in Japan to deploy industrial-strength wireless connectivity based on LTE and 5G technologies to create local private, reliable networks.
Nokia has built a partnership ecosystem with five companies spanning multiple segments. These are NS Solutions for factory IoT, Marubeni for global IoT, Internet Initiative Japan for full MVNO, Equinix for multi-cloud and global data centres, and Hitachi Kokusai Electric for smart social infrastructure and smart cities with video.
Through these partnerships, enterprises can explore end-to-end, secure, reliable, low-latency connectivity powered by Nokia’s technologies.
Nokia’s local 5G and private wireless LTE portfolio is said to offer secure broadband wireless connectivity that delivers near spotless coverage across industrial sites. It also seamlessly expands the enterprise's business footprint to support new applications as they embrace the move to Industry 4.0.
“Nokia Japan is strategically establishing a partnership ecosystem with companies,” said John Harrington, head of Nokia Japan. “Our aim is to better serve the increasing needs for local 5G and private wireless LTE in Japan, which has proven its ability to provide reliable, secure, high-capacity connectivity. With spectrum availability now opening up in Japan, Nokia is bringing forth a unique combination of technology, services and partnerships to help its customers deploy end-to-end solutions that will jumpstart their digital transformations.”
Nokia’s industrial grade private wireless provides enterprises with a dedicated wireless network that reserves its full capacity for business-critical machines, sensors and workers. LTE 4.9G is the latest evolution of the 4G standard and can support most of today’s industrial applications. The Nokia industrial-grade private wireless is upgradeable to 5G as industrial 5G devices become available.
Nokia’s digital automation cloud is an end-to-end digitalisation platform for private wireless connectivity and automation. It comes with spectrum, edge computer, access points, applications and user equipment. It is a scalable on-premises-as-a-service offering.
The firm’s MPW modular private wireless is an end-to-end customisable offering for enterprises that want to build and operate their own private wireless network. This is complemented by Nokia’s mission-critical IP/MPLS, optical, wireless backhaul and passive optical LAN.
Nokia has signed a contract with telecommunications giant TIM to provide IoT services to its enterprise users in Brazil. Using the fully virtualised Nokia Worldwide IoT Network Grid (Wing) managed service offer, TIM and its enterprise users across industries such as automotive and agriculture should be able to capture IoT opportunities faster and more securely.