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Noida Power smart grid network goes live in India

Steve Rogerson
December 21, 2016
One of India’s largest smart grids has gone live using technology from California-based Etap, transforming Noida Power into a smart utility.
Noida Power has deployed Etap’s model-based ADMS advanced distribution management system in one of the largest smart grid projects in India.
As one of the fastest growing utilities near New Delhi, India, Noida Power serves an industrial, commercial and residential customer base of 71,000. Its electric utility system transformation is a part of the “Smart Grid Vision and Roadmap for India”, which was launched a few years back.
With a rapid customer growth and an increased demand for new substations and distribution network, Noida Power took the decision in 2015 to implement ADMS to improve its network reliability, performance and response to customers.
The smart grid set-up includes:

  • IEC 61850 oriented substation automation
  • Integrated functionality of scada, DMS and OMS
  • Open and scalable smart grid functionalities and distribution network applications
  • Integrated network modelling, planning and distribution analysis
  • Intelligent monitoring, control, automation, decision support system
  • Intelligent model-based set-up with geospatial information system integration and electrical power system simulation capabilities.
"Noida Power is very proud on the successful go-live of Etap’s scada system and eagerly awaiting for deployment of the latest version covering enhanced functionalities to meet the overall requirements,” said RC Agrawal, CEO of Noida Power. “Noida Power and Etap joined hands to meet the unique requirements of our automation and operational needs. The persistence and strong alignment between Noida Power and Etap helped in achieving this critical milestone despite project implementations challenges."
Praveen Goyal, general manager of Noida Power, said the transparency and open communications between Noida Power and Etap helped in converting the legacy technology to the latest platform.
“With Etap, Noida Power is proud to have this one-of-a-kind implementation go live,” he said. “The implementation of DMS and OMS enables Noida Power to embark its journey towards smart grid implementation in the country wherein the automation of every minute requirement has been taken care through business process-oriented implementation.”
Farrokh Shokooh, CEO of Etap, added: “This notable milestone for Etap ADMS is enabling the transformation of Noida Power’s network into an intelligent, adaptive and sustainable grid that provides reliable and quality energy for their customers. We are determined to continue developing and deploying our innovating technologies to aid electric utilities like Noida Power to reach their vision of a smarter grid.”
Noida Power distributes power in Greater Noida, near Delhi in Uttar Pradesh, which is being developed as an industrial hub and urban settlement. The company is a joint venture between the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group and Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority.
Currently, the peak load served is 265MW as against 17MW in 1994-95, reflecting a steady increase in consumer demand. The customer base has expanded from 4677 in 1993 to 70994 in March 2016. The load profile is dominated by large and heavy industries that constitute 59 per cent of energy sale and contribute as much as 62 per cent of the company’s income. Urban, rural institutional and smaller industrial consumers account for the balance business.
Founded in 1986, Etap is headquartered in California, with more than 70 offices around the world.