Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

NimbeLink and ClearBlade combine IoT and tracker devices

Steve Rogerson
April 8, 2020

Texas-based ClearBlade and NimbeLink have joined forces to deliver end-to-end industrial asset monitoring combining enterprise IoT software with tracker devices. The companies have announced initial asset management and optimisation implementations in the rail, transportation and logistics markets.
ClearBlade, an industrial IoT platform and edge computing software company, and NimbeLink, a Minnesota-based provider of cellular technology for IoT and asset-tracking markets, have announced a secure and scalable IoT edge product aimed at simplifying the process required to track, monitor and alert assets rapidly.
The companies have been working together and have implemented an out-of-the-box product capable of rapid configuration in any industry, including transportation and logistics. It comes with full function asset monitoring, but with all the benefits of an open approach, giving choices of visualisations, custom rules, enterprise integrations and third-party partner collaborations.
“Simplicity, convenience, and value economics are driving collective wins and providing value to our customers,” said Eric Simone, CEO of ClearBlade. “Our opportunities with NimbeLink and their best of breed asset tracking sensors are huge, given the response we’ve received and the success of our integrations.”
NimbeLink’s asset tracking products are intelligent edge-to-enterprise offerings helping organisations track, protect and optimise assets, combining their asset tracking devices with configurable network connectivity and software. This leverages ClearBlade’s platform for provisioning, management and maintenance, and together the companies aim to deliver a robust, full-stack capability.
“With ClearBlade as our partner, we amplify our ability to provide flexible, best of breed, end-to-end asset monitoring for clients seeking to improve situational awareness of their critical assets,” said David Houghton, general manager at NimbeLink. “After successful integrations and implementations with Fortune 500 companies in the rail and aviation industries, we are now making our combined offering available to the broader markets, with specific emphasis on large enterprises.”
NimbeLink’s family of asset trackers are ruggedised devices, operate indoors and out, and deliver good battery performance. Each device is globally capable, configurable and designed to support enterprise-level projects.
Benefits of the combined offering include:

  • Full stack capabilities, either integrated with existing enterprise systems or with a dedicated application and dashboard, depending on the goal.
  • Opex pricing models: Flexible and scalable, by-the-drink pricing is competitive to both direct clients and distribution channels.
  • Use case diversity: a range of choices with a range of trackers, added sensors and orchestration of the entire system with robust configurability extended to the management application, which can all be fully customised.
ClearBlade’s entire platform supports any combination of endpoints and works with all network protocols, providing important choices to buyers of NimbeLink’s hardware and firmware. Together, the companies have put together an OEM out-of-the-box offering making it possible for their customers to buy a single tracker, pay by the month, get access to a customised ClearBlade asset monitor dashboard, and scale as growth demands.
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, ClearBlade provides a scalable, secure, flexible and autonomous IoT edge platform that enables companies to ingest, analyse, adapt and act on any data in real time and at scale.
NimbeLink specialises in edge-based cellular connectivity for the industrial IoT. It makes certified Skywire cellular modems that are pin-compatible and future-proof and enable OEMs to reduce their cellular development time. In addition, NimbeLink develops and markets complete edge-to-enterprise asset tracking configured to use cases.