Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

AWS puts NimbeLink asset trackers on Marketplace

Steve Rogerson
February 11, 2020

NimbeLink’s cellular-based asset trackers are available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace device catalogue.
As part of the qualification, Minnesota-based NimbeLink and AWS jointly implemented the first-of-a-kind cross-account publish (CAP) adapter designed to enable tighter data stream integration for those using AWS. This integration pushes client device data from the NLink platform into the client’s AWS IoT Core managed cloud service.
The result is reduced integration friction, accelerating secure enterprise deployments for end-user clients and channel partners.
Asset optimisation is an unrelenting aspiration for all companies in the pursuit of increased productivity, reduced capital outlays and improved customer satisfaction. Recent technological reductions in size and cost, coupled with increased capabilities have enabled many use-cases for non-powered asset tracking.
Purposefully built to function standalone or integrated with corporate systems (ERP, supply chain, fleet management and so on), AWS IoT Core is the foundation to NimbeLink’s asset tracking offering. This allows for secure, central management and graceful integration with the enterprise, meeting location and condition monitoring needs of critical remote assets, at scale.