Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Module lets smart meters use public communications infrastructure

Steve Rogerson
February 4, 2015

Utilities can take advantage of the public communications infrastructure with a mesh-cellular smart grid module introduced by Texas-based Nighthawk. The RDG960 is for use with GE’s I-210 meters.
Utilities can use Nighthawk’s WebConnect software platform and RF products, taking advantage of a range of smart grid functions with the click of the mouse. They will have the ability to address applications such as remote connect and disconnect, time of use, tamper and outage notification and off cycle reads.
“We are extremely pleased to be working with GE and their I-210 meters with which the RDG960 has been developed to be used,” said Charles Kitowski, CEO of Nighthawk. “GE is a leading global provider of energy management products and a wonderful organisation. Our primary goal is to develop a product that will be able to seamlessly work along with the meter offering the broadest and most competitive range of solutions for utilities nationwide.”
By focusing on addressing problems such as outage management or meter turn off, utilities can increase the value of their investments. The mesh-cellular products are available for electric, water and natural gas utilities.
The module can be deployed on a targeted basis or system wide. With its 2.4GHz mesh technology, utilities can manage their systems with a limited number of cellular gateway points; the technology will also allow utilities to talk to demand response points and other mesh devices.
The I-210 smart meters have an integral disconnect switch and provide demand, load profile, time-of-use and voltage measurement. It is one of the most widely deployed smart meters in North America.
“GE’s I-210 residential smart meter is one of the most widely adopted in North America and we are committed to ensuring support for multiple advanced metering infrastructure to meet the needs of all utilities,” said Ed Myszka, general manager for GE’s digital energy business.
Nighthawk’s RDG960 mesh-cellular radio meters can be installed anywhere in a utility’s territory providing immediate features without any infrastructure build out or maintenance. Utilities can address either clusters of advanced meters or a system wide deployment while lowering the cost of both the hardware and communications.