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SimplyVital and Cool Kids pilot blockchain-based healthcare in Philippines

Steve Rogerson
June 19, 2018
A Filipino company has picked the Health Nexus blockchain protocol to fix healthcare nationwide.
SimplyVital Health, a Massachusetts-based blockchain healthcare company building the HIPAA-compatible protocol Health Nexus, has joined with Cool Kids to bring its open source key pair system to identify the highest healthcare impact opportunity in the Philippines.
Cool Kids is a collective of consultants and entrepreneurs committed to improving lives by developing tools for responsible stewardship of emerging technologies. Among these tools is Health Nexus, an open source blockchain protocol that can be safely adoptable by healthcare, globally.
With Health Nexus, providers and patients have better and faster access to vital patient data, while being compatible with the security standards set by HIPAA. This can allow for instant updates to patient data around the world, leaving an immutable track record of every treatment and service without using a fax machine.
Core to Health Nexus is the key pair system, which uses the blockchain to govern access to medical data, letting healthcare providers share stored data with each other even if they are using different storage systems. Patients can also choose to share and monetise their medical data anonymously with developers using the open-source toolbox to create new healthcare treatments and patient processes.
Cool Kids will help SimplyVital Health navigate local rules and regulations and locate a suitable and sustainable pilot project to demonstrate the many uses for the key pair system.
SimplyVital Health has partnerships with 16 different developers from across the globe who are already developing dapps (decentralised applications) for Health Nexus. SimplyVital Health also has its proprietary dapp, ConnectingCare, an analytics platform that allows coordination and communications with other providers.
Over the next few weeks, SimplyVital Health and Cool Kids will narrow the scope of focus to identify the most impactful opportunities in the Philippines. Together they will develop a sustainable pilot project to demonstrate the versatility and security of Health Nexus and the key pair system.