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Nexcom forklift computer improves inventory control

Steve Rogerson
November 22, 2016

Taiwanese company Nexcom has introduced a 26.6cm vehicle mount computer to increase inventory control, visibility and accuracy in warehouse management.
For use on forklifts, the VMC 3020 uses an Intel Atom x5-E3930 processor, real-time communications, easy function integration, and high availability and reliability for fast-paced, high-intensity warehouse environments.
By streamlining live dispatch, order processing, and driver and asset management, the computer can help manage the dynamics of complex workflows in warehouses, distribution and fulfilment centres, and ports and harbours.
It can check the latest work orders, navigate through storage racks and update real-time stock levels to a warehouse management system. The computer also lets forklift operators speak to supervisors for clarification of obscure instructions. With the device, incoming and outgoing pallets of products can be handled accurately and tracked closely throughout the warehouse operations.
To complement the needs for supply chain traceability, it allows easy function integration by powering connected peripherals, such as scanners and printers, with up to 12V output. As to driver and asset management, the built-in iButton and RFID interfaces are for driver authentication, theft prevention and monitoring the compliance of hour of service, while the Can bus is provided to harvest telematics data to expedite the adoption of driver behaviour monitoring and preventive maintenance and to spur the shift to warehouse outsourcing and forklift leasing, among other anything-as-a-service business models.
Temperature range is from -30 to +60ËšC and it comes with an optional heater for use in the freezing temperatures of cold storage warehouses. For outdoor applications, the IP65-rated anti-glare computer is water-resistant and dustproof and can give a clear view in bright sunlight. Additionally, it supports 9 to 60V power input to be used with different forklift battery voltages, and a battery pack is available as an option to ensure uninterrupted data processing and for after-hours system updates when forklifts are powered off.