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Neudesic launches smart meter analytics

Steve Rogerson
March 5, 2015
California-based Neudesic has launched a smart meter analytics system to meet the utility industry’s rising infrastructure and business needs resulting from big data collection. This is claimed to be the only Microsoft Azure-based system for smart meters.
The system combines Microsoft’s on-premises SQL server, BI platform and the Azure cloud in a hybrid cloud architecture that scales as big data demands grow while ensuring personally identifiable data are still protected on premises. It processes, validates and prepares smart meter big data for visualisation and analytics, helping utilities gain a better understanding of customer usage to improve efficiency.
“Smart meters provide an enormous amount of data that generally require huge capital expenditure on the equipment to house, maintain and make them readily available for analysis,” said Tim Marshall, chief technology officer at Neudesic. “With our first Neudesic smart meter analytics implementation at a large utility company, we’ve leveraged Azure cloud to reduce the processing time and costs associated with smart meter big data. Our solution enables utility companies to analyse customer data more quickly and efficiently to make well-informed, proactive decisions that maximise revenue.”
The system uses Azure HD Insight to process massive amounts of data from an existing meter data management system. This reduces the need to scale expensive storage infrastructure on premises. With the system, utilities are equipped to analyse data meaningfully and provide strategic insights to all levels of business users.
This level of understanding directly benefits executives for strategic planning, engineers for systems planning and line personnel for improving operations. By combining all sources of customer and usage data, the system delivers visualisations and insights that help utilities operate more efficiently, combat theft and fraud, and enhance customer relations.
“This is the result of years of experience partnering with utility companies to develop big data solutions on the Azure platform,” said Kirk Nason, Neudesic’s director of business intelligence for the utility industry. “We’ve leveraged our portfolio of accelerators, frameworks and IP to help utility companies modernise their infrastructures and gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving industry.”