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Seven Iraq and Saudi Arabia hospitals to receive telemedicine services

Steve Rogerson
July 1, 2105
Telemedicine services are being deployed in seven government hospitals in Iraq and Saudi Arabia using staff and technology from New Mexico company Net Medical Xpress through an agreement with telehealth consultant group T-4.
HealthStar Networks is providing diagnostic equipment and coordinating the construction of modular hospitals for the programme. Each hospital will have between 25 and 100 beds. The first two hospitals are expected to be deployed in the next three to four months.
"These will be state controlled hospitals targeted for the general population and supported by the government,” said Net Medical CEO Dick Govatski. “Net Medical will provide primary care physicians as well as orthopaedic surgeons, cardiologists, neurologists and trauma specialists using our telemedicine technology. This is another major international application of telemedicine by Net Medical Xpress.”
He said discussions involving additional countries and regions were currently in progress.
“We believe the financial and medical benefits of telemedicine will have an enormous positive impact on healthcare in the United States as well as the rest of the world," Govatski said. “Telemedicine services are going to be particularly valuable to underdeveloped countries that can quickly and easily access the expertise of American-based physicians.”
Ron Novak, COO, Healthstar Networks, said an additional eight to eleven thirty-bed hospitals would be built for military and police for trauma situations.
Terry Boulanger, principal technology consultant of T-4, an Albuquerque-based consultancy, added: "We believe that this consortium created between Healthstar, T-4, and Net Medical will answer the need for many foreign countries to provide affordable access to medical care for their populations through the use of telemedicine technology that has not been previously available. The use of modular buildings for construction allows for the rapid implementation of medical services. We are presently loading the freight containers for shipment to the Middle East."
Net Medical Xpress is a multi-faceted telemedicine company with four operating segments, more than 500 physicians under contract and offices in three cities in the USA. The company provides telemedicine programmes for diagnostic and clinical medical services to mobile companies, urgent cares, hospitals, trauma centres, imaging centres, gaols, nursing homes, corporate health departments and outpatient medical facilities.