Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

NetFoundry simplifies IoT edge compute with Microsoft

Steve Rogerson
April 8, 2020

NetFoundry is simplifying IoT edge compute and private 5G by integrating with Microsoft Azure Edge Zones.
North Carolina-based NetFoundry’s embedded networking is now within Microsoft Azure Edge Zones. The integration should allow businesses to tap easily and securely into the power of edge compute and optional private 5G for use cases, including industrial IoT, near-real time video processing and analytics.
Microsoft announced Azure Edge Zones with its partners this month, including Azure Private Edge Zones, which enable application workloads to span edges and clouds with a common Azure experience, APIs and security.
NetFoundry's integration facilitates direct connections between businesses and Azure Private Edge Zones without deploying extra network gear. This capability is important at edge sites that often lack space, power and cooling.
With the NetFoundry embedded networking, all applications from edge to cloud can use any internet connection, instantly joining a NetFoundry-powered zero trust network. Zero trust security is an architecture that assumes zero trust of actors and protocols both outside and inside an organisation.
"Azure Private Edge Zones will be a game-changer for application developers, providers and businesses, eliminating the complexity of edge and IoT deployments with a seamless experience and low-latency compute,” said Galeal Zino, NetFoundry CEO. “We are honoured to be selected as one of the 5G, security and networking providers enabling this ecosystem."
The platform enables businesses to connect distributed compute environments securely and reliably, providing zero trust, networking as a service (NaaS) from edge to cloud, and everywhere in between.
"We look forward to leveraging low latency compute services from Microsoft Azure Private Edge Zones, NetFoundry and partners," said Devi Malladi, CEO of EnLume. "Azure Private Edge Zones with embedded NetFoundry networking will support us in meeting our business goals for delivering 5G ready mobile point of sale (mPoS) applications, next-gen interactive customer success platforms and autonomous vehicle solutions."
Yousef Khalidi, corporate vice president at Microsoft, added: "NetFoundry's addition to our Azure Edge Zones ecosystem helps us ensure businesses can build solutions with secure, private 5G between their devices and the edge, while leveraging end-to-end secure and performant networking."
NetFoundry enables businesses to connect applications via software-only, zero trust architectures, without the constraints of MPLS WAN, SD-WAN or VPN. It provides NaaS for enterprises globally, and the ability for developers to leverage the underlying open-source Ziti platform.
"Industry 4.0 type businesses will use Azure Edge Zones with private 5G and embedded NetFoundry networking to reliably deploy and managed global software-defined networks, reduce latency and improve security," said Sreelakshmi Sarva, head of products at NetFoundry. "We also see greenfield interest from sectors like manufacturing, warehouse automation and connected supply chains because previous options did not meet their requirements for local connectivity and edge processing."
NetFoundry is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Bangalore and Singapore.