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NES deploys smart grid project in Albania

Steve Rogerson
May 19, 2020

California-based Networked Energy Services Corporation (NES) has completed the deployment phase of its smart grid project with the Oshee electricity distribution operator in Albania.
The previously announced project provides for investments in the balance metering system and re-construction of the ABC cable network. The project included OSGP (open smart grid protocol) compliant smart meters for residential, business and light industry consumers in Tirana, with Oshee’s ongoing project to renew its distribution cable infrastructure.
NES delivered its smart metering, smart meter operational support system, grid operations and Grid Navigator and Grid Flow analytics applications. The smart grid was deployed in cooperation with NES partner, ACI, an energy services and infrastructure provider in Albania and supplier to Oshee. ACI provided the installation services for the NES technology and the ABC cable network.
“This project illustrates how NES smart meters and Patagonia EAP applications can bring increased visibility of how customers use energy, including changes in consumption pattern,” said Petraq Shomo, CEO of ACI. “It allows Oshee to optimise how they bill for energy and tune their network, as well as reduce costs of field inspections at consumer locations. In addition, we continue to be enthusiastic about the possibilities of our partnership with NES, who is also offering professional services to support Oshee by provide training, optimising installations, supporting implementation of equipment and software, and general project consultation services.”
NES says it is delivering very high SLA levels for performance and availability of metering and operational data in all locations including some anticipated challenging low-voltage grid environments.
It provided software that enables Oshee to attain a robust and secure meter-to-cash process and efficient use of back-office technical operations teams. The software lets Oshee obtain more information about operational issues and identify actions at the back-end that reduces the number of truck rolls and the amount of time the field force needs to address network problems.
“Oshee is focusing on business efficiency and customer service, and this project aligns with our strategy,” said Adrian Cela, CEO of Oshee. “We were very pleased with the results of this initial smart metering project with NES. We see smart meters as a means to not only improve revenue collection, but also to improve energy efficiency, operational efficiency, optimise capital spending, and improve the quality of supply to our customers.”
Based on information delivered by the NES system, Oshee can identify fraud actions that reduce revenue, and initiate corrective activities.
The Grid Navigator and Grid Flow applications are helping Oshee discover its low-voltage grid topology as well as power flow models for each phase of the grid. It also lets Oshee operate the distribution network more efficiently, including checking transformer use, identifying losses, and detecting and alarming on phase imbalances within the low-voltage grid.
Oshee can identify changes of municipal customer demand caused by using devices that are generating capacitive energy, such as electronic converters and transformers, UPS equipment in server rooms, and LED lighting. Previously, these sources were not known and were treated as an export into the network that decreases an energy consumption bill.
“The excellent results from the project provide additional evidence of the detailed information and high value that the NES system is able to deliver to utilities and their customers,” said David Thomson, NES president and CEO. “Oshee was a tremendous partner during this project. We were honoured that Oshee selected us for the project and we look forward to continue demonstrating and delivering the advantages of our NES system, and help validate Oshee’s business case for deploying smart grids throughout Albania.”
NES was formed as a result of the spinoff of Echelon’s grid modernisation division in 2014. NES is headquartered in the USA with R&D centres in Silicon Valley, North Dakota and Poland, and sales offices throughout the world. Its smart grid technology is used in nearly 40 million smart meters and other smart end devices around the world.