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NEC helps Singapore Power with energy network analytics

Steve Rogerson
September 6, 2016
NEC Asia Pacific is collaborating with Singapore Power and Space-Time Insight under the Singapore Power Spear energy advanced research and development programme to develop energy network health analytics.
This joint project is one of the Spear key themes of the Singapore Power Centre of Excellence (CoE) to develop, pilot and integrate smart grid technologies for greater reliability and efficiency of Singapore's energy infrastructure.
In this project, Singapore Power, NEC and Space-Time Insight will collaborate closely through a co-innovation process to develop asset intelligence that enables risk-based investment and maintenance planning of grid infrastructure based on big data analysis, and outage intelligence that provides real-time blackout monitoring and more accurate estimates of the time needed to restore service.
"SP CoE is committed to driving research and innovation that translates into a future-ready national grid," said Brandon Chia Seng Boon, head of the Centre of Excellence. “Analytics play an increasingly critical role in maintaining and enhancing Singapore Power's world-class transmission and distribution services.”
He said NEC and Space-Time Insight provided the capability to analyse and predict when it was needed to reinforce and maintain assets before they fail. This strengthens the reliability and resilience of the network, reducing disruption and inconvenience to customers.
"We are honoured to be a part of Singapore Power's new initiative that contributes to stable and efficient power supplies both in Singapore and the rest of Asia," said Eiji Naka, director of Tokyo-based NEC Asia Pacific. "With the knowledge and experience gained through this collaborative project, NEC will accelerate the development of smart energy solutions that combine energy and ICT features and benefits, while further strengthening its presence in the Asia Pacific region."
California-based Space-Time Insight helps companies in asset-intensive industries. Using spatial, temporal and nodal analysis, its IoT-ready real-time visual analytics applications illuminate the what, where, when, why and how of every asset and situation. 
“We are excited to be partnering with Singapore Power to drive increased grid reliability for their customers,” said Rob Massoudi, SVP of business development at Space-Time Insight. “By providing a 360-degree understanding of their assets and situations that arise, our asset intelligence and outage intelligence will help Singapore Power mitigate the impact of aging assets and be more responsive to unplanned disruptions in service throughout the region.”
The CoE is an initiative by Singapore Power to drive the innovation and commercialisation of next-generation energy network technologies for the greater reliability and efficiency of Singapore's infrastructure. Supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board, the CoE aims to establish SP as a thought leader in the utility industry forefront and build future-ready energy networks and resource capabilities, to stay ahead of global trends such as the drive for smarter and greener performance, and to meet sustainably the evolving customer needs of the future.