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Narada completes first commercialised Chinese ESS

William Payne
January 18, 2017
Hangzhou, China based Narada Power Source Co., Ltd has completed installation of the first commercialised energy storage system (ESS) in China. The first phase of the installation has completed with a 1.5MW/12MWh storage system.

Narada has acted as an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor to provide overall design, procurement, construction and system integration services. The company has also been engaged to provide a series of services including electricity consumption management, operation and maintenance afterwards.

Narada has developed new technologis in energy storage in Lithium Ion, Lead Carbon and ESS solution innovation and marketing development.

By the end of 2016, Narada had completed and contracted ESS for over 800MWh, mainly applied to peak-shaving, frequency regulation, and renewable energy integration. The company is implementing projects in countries including China, India, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc.

In addition to the commercialised ESS, Narada is now working on the largest ESS for industrial use in China, with total capacity in the 15MW/120MWh range. Narada is also providing ESS for frequency regulation for both solar farm in Canada and Indian national grid.

Mr. Bo Chen, president of Narada said: "In future, on the basis of continuous reduction of cost per kWh, Narada will keep carrying forward the novel business model 'Investment + Operation' in ESS commercialization, and will contribute to sustainable development of energy for the whole world by continuous innovation, technology improvement, and commercialization of smart energy."

In November, Swiss energy storage specialist Leclanché SA and Narada Power agreed a partnership for the manufacturing and development of lithium-ion battery technology for the Chinese and global markets.