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Myant builds blood pressure monitoring into smart shirt

Steve Rogerson
January 22, 2019

Canadian company Myant has incorporated continuous cuffless blood pressure monitoring technology in a comfortable and machine-washable polo shirt.
On show at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company’s Skiin Textile Computing platform integrates sensor and actuator technology into the fabrics that surround people every day.
Myant specialises in the design, development and production of smart textiles. The Skiin smart shirt eliminates the hassle of regular blood pressure monitoring and adds automatic data tracking to share data and trends with clinicians.
This year, Myant plans to release both its Skiin smart underwear for heart health detection with ECG, HRV, activity, sleep and temperature monitoring, and its smart shirt with continuous blood pressure monitoring. Planned additions to the platform include slip and fall detection, driver fatigue, ovulation and a suite of chemical sensing markers.
The result is smart clothing that lets users manage their health proactively, stay connected, and lead longer and more comfortable lives.
"Myant's vision is to build a new platform for human-computer interaction that helps individuals manage and anticipate their health and wellness 24 hours a day, across all life stages," said Tony Chahine, CEO and founder of Myant. "The addition of cuffless blood pressure monitoring to our Skiin Textile Computing platform is a major step forward in empowering continuous monitoring in a comfortable garment."
Founded in 2010, Toronto-based Myant has an extensive patent portfolio, a multidisciplinary team of data scientists, biomechanical, mechanical and electrical engineers, programmers, fashion designers, and knitting machine technicians, and over 7500 square metres of manufacturing capacity.
The smart underwear is pending FDA clearance, CE Mark and Health Canada approval. It is not yet for sale in the USA, European economic area and Canada.