Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Managing hardware change in an evolution of technologies

August 13, 2019
Nobody managing connected devices wants to go through a network sunset. When you speak with network engineers, the frustration of completing equipment changes to match new standards or protocols rings in unison. Hardware is not backward compatible. Software and Firmware upgrades are untested. Network Engineers need a partner that provides cutting edge technology and keeps up with the standards; while maintaining the continuity of their existing deployments. Who can they choose when making hardware selections? Who can they trust to help them throughout the complicated and painful process?
Multitech’s Leadership Qualities Make It Stand out in the Crowd – Here’s Why:
An Extensive Portfolio Breadth

Through discussions with multiple companies who have made the transition and through evaluating solutions they considered, MultiTech stands out. The breadth of their product portfolio, their understanding of how to manage transition, and their success helping others navigate the transition are all factors to consider when making the selection. Additionally, all of MultiTech’s products are internally and externally tested for standards and certified with Service Providers and governments as appropriate.
A Solid Reputation Backed up by Experience
Repetition is reputation and Multitech is known as one of the oldest most established companies in the industry. Over the course of its fifty-year history, MultiTech has been at the forefront of making machines communicate. Starting with the days when Plain Old Telephone Service [POTS] was only analog and machines need a digital to analog converter up until today when digital communication requires connections from the edge to the cloud in milliseconds; MultiTech has delivered cost effective, reliable gear. Companies have deployed such as agriculture, energy, industrial, medical, and telecom with solutions such as building monitoring, connectivity for copy machines, demand response, environmental monitoring, patient monitoring, chronic disease management, compliance and wireless failover.
Whether the opportunity is for custom designs or scalable off the shelf devices, MultiTech’s offering fits most needs.
The Exceptional Quality of its Team Members
At the heart of any organization is the workforce. The MultiTech workforce includes current employees who have been there since the beginning of the company. In an age
where employees change employers more frequently than changing automobiles, MultiTech’s roster is filled with skilled long-term employees. Additionally, the MultiTech management team has literally hundreds of years of experience, with a knowledge base on everything from silica to rocket science. The management team leads over 200 employees in the US and Europe that design, develop, manufacture and test all their equipment on premise in Minnesota. MultiTech’s workforce provides agile engineering and development services making them the partner for today’s fast paced deployment cycles.
MultiTech’s Rugged Devices Actually Live up to their Description
MultiTech builds durable rugged field devices that have been known to last long beyond the sunsetting of network technologies. MultiTech has 25+ million modules (including gateways, modems and routers) actively deployed worldwide. MultiTech’s products include wired and cellular wireless solutions. As networks continue to sunset 2G/3G solutions, MultiTech has provided incentives, seminars and tools on how to migrate while maintaining services.
MultiTech’s Devices Have Broad Applicability and Reflect the Company’s Innovativeness
Additionally, low-power wide area network (LPWAN) devices are in demand to support massive, low-cost IoT solutions, MultiTech supports both licensed and unlicensed networks using a variety of LPWAN technologies including LTE CAT M1, LoRa, and NBIOT. Benefitting from their modular approach MultiTech has led in a series of innovations including one of the smallest LTE CAT M1 modules. In addition to its leadership in cellular IoT, MultiTech is a founding member of the long-range (LoRa) Alliance and has played an active role influencing not only the market adoption, but the standards and technology of LoRaWAN. Multiple members serve in active roles on LoRa Alliance committees, and MultiTech is a leader in LoRa Gateway deployments.
Additional Examples
MultiTech has one of the widest portfolios of products, providing solutions from embedded systems to cellular gateways. Beyond the devices themselves MultiTech provides several software development kits that support standard programming languages and open interfaces. Here are some examples of MultiTech’scapabilities to provide a full suite of solutions:

  • MultiTech Lens™ includes the software required for an enterprise network to use LoRa key management.
  • MultiTech’s DeviceHQ provides in the cloud the platform for remote management and configuration support.
  • On the Edge MultiConnect Dragonfly™ provides a programming platform for rapid prototyping.
MultiTech also provides operations management the tools necessary to succeed.
Final Thoughts
Success breeds success and MultiTech’s product support succeeds in providing accessible and reliable educational materials. MultiTech provides rich resources covering all their products with libraries of videos, webinars and workshops ensuring on-time and on-budget implementations. MultiTech’s knowledgebase of International standards gives them the ability to be the single vendor of choice worldwide. As Enterprises face the challenges of network transition. Working with MultiTech delivers the economies of scale when you are deploying one or a million devices. MultiTech solutions are ready today and prepared for tomorrow.
How do you manage change in an evolving industry? Look towards MultiTech.