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Multi-Tech launches LoRaWan server and toolset

Steve Rogerson
February 13, 2019
Multi-Tech Systems, a Minnesota-based supplier of M2M and IoT communications products, has introduced the Lens LoRaWan-optimised embedded network server and management toolset. This architecture is for enterprises that want to connect sensors and actuators clustered in a commercial or industrial facility using a private LoRaWan.
The product enables resource-efficient deployment, operational resiliency and secure management of LoRaWans across multiple sites at scale.
MultiTech continues to improve the enterprise LoRaWan experience that it brought to market in 2015, optimising the network server embedded into the MultiConnect Conduit gateways – a configurable, manageable and scalable LoRa gateway for industrial IoT applications – to create a private LoRaWan capable of connecting thousands of end nodes directly to a business platform with the lowest operational cost.
The launch of Lens empowers enterprises to harness and scale the power and resilience of an edge-intelligent LoRaWan architecture across their facilities, campuses and customer sites. It provides operational (OT) and information technology (IT) teams with a practical approach to secure zero-touch device activation, centralised key management, and provisioning of any LoRaWan-compliant end devices.
Lens enables operational resiliency by processing real-time data and making decisions locally – even during a network outage – paired with the flexibility to deploy and manage an on-site LPWA network, optimised for the needs of specific applications without end devices requiring recurring connectivity costs.
“Lens is a game-changer as it overcomes many of the key concerns facing enterprises when considering how to optimise their digital efficiency, improve data privacy and lower their total cost of ownership,” said David Smith, CTO at MultiTech. “It enables central management of LoRaWan end-device IDs, providing unique key generation and re-keying-on-demand to join an on-premise private network, while deploying operational benefits and data processing to the edge of the network where a variety of industries including energy, smart buildings, retail, agriculture and healthcare prefer to process their raw data."
Additional benefits for customers using the Lens toolset include reduction of data sent over expensive WAN backhaul costs, store and forward capability, and keeping operational data on premise.
The toolset has LoRaWan management features for adding and removing gateways and end devices, and assigning unique rights and policies. Whether it is ten or 10,000 devices, Lens provides remote network and device lifecycle management with the click of a mouse, without needing to be an expert in wireless protocols and LPWA architectures.