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MultiTech lands LoRa Alliance Corporate Award

Steve Rogerson
June 26, 2019
Minnesota-based M2M and IoT communications firm MultiTech Systems has received the LoRa Alliance’s Corporate Award, and appointed Derek Wallace, director of product marketing, to the role of regional vice chair for the LoRa Alliance, representing North America.
The Corporate Award, announced at this month’s LoRaWan Live event in Berlin, was voted on by alliance members to recognise LoRa Alliance member organisations for outstanding corporate leadership and contribution to the LoRa Alliance.
“The success of an industry alliance depends on the active participation of its members,” said Donna Moore, CEO and chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance. “Since the founding of the LoRa Alliance, MultiTech has been active across the full breadth of our organisation and integral to the alliance’s success. In recognition of MultiTech’s contributions, they were selected to receive the prestigious Corporate Award, presented at the annual LoRa Alliance meeting in Berlin. At the same time, we want to extend our thanks to Derek Wallace for stepping into his new role as regional vice chair, further extending MultiTech’s support of the LoRa Alliance.”
In his new role, Wallace will champion the expansion of LoRaWan in North America and report progress quarterly to the LoRa Alliance’s board of directors.
“I’m looking forward to working even more closely with the LoRaWan ecosystem in North America and around the world to promote the adoption of the LoRaWan standard and LoRaWan certified devices,” said Wallace.
At the LoRaWan Live event, the MultiTech team displayed and demonstrated its LoRa technology-based portfolio and LoRaWan products.
MultiTech joined forces with ecosystem partners Digimondo and Yokogawa for a hands-on LoRaWan workshop during which attendees connected Yokogawa’s Sushi Sensor to a MultiTech gateway in Digimondo’s network and visualised sensor data on the Digimondo backend platform.
Wallace presented the value of and best practices around deploying private enterprise LoRaWans.
“The unique profile of LoRaWan is opening the door to a host of new IoT applications and, as a result, our industry-leading and award-winning LoRA technology-based product line represents the fastest growing part of our portfolio,” said Stefan Lindvall, MultiTech CEO. “As LoRaWan is a strategic imperative for MultiTech, we are committed to continue making investments to enhance and accelerate the delivery of products and services designed to achieve the promise of unlicensed LPWA technology, in tandem with the commercialisation of licensed cellular LPWA offerings.”
MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures communications equipment for the industrial IoT, connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value.
“MultiTech is a well-recognised first mover and leader in the LPWA space, having achieved the first LoRaWan certification for North America, and outpaced their peers’ for growth of both end points and gateways in this fast-moving technology frontier,” said industry analyst James Brehm, chief technology evangelist at James Brehm & Associates. “Their active participation in alliance initiatives gives them a ground-floor perspective on where the technology is going, while their close relationships with early enterprise adopters and ecosystem partners provide insights into the needs of the market in order to build fit-for-purpose solutions. When it comes to LoRaWan, they are making all the right moves.”