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Matson Logistics tracks assets with BlackBerry Radar

William Payne
September 19, 2019

Freight transporter Matson Logistics has deployed BlackBerry Radar-M across its entire North American fleet of domestic intermodal containers. The deployment will help it improve container utilisation, shipment visibility and product quality control across its fleet.

Matson Logistics serves a broad mix of manufacturers, retailers, and distributors with freight transportation across North America including "any size, any distance" truck haulage and intermodal rail service using all Class I providers.

The BlackBerry Radar asset monitoring solution will provide Matson Logistics with near real-time information such as location, motion, mileage, temperature, humidity, door open/close status, and utilised cube space on an intuitive on-line dashboard. 

BlackBerry says the devices collect up to 100 times more data than conventional GPS-based track and trace solutions. The company claims that its solution requires no recharging and is virtually maintenance free.

Matson Logistics has also affixed 'Powered by BlackBerry Radar' decals on the doors of each container. The deployment marks the first time that a BlackBerry Radar customer has visibly branded their assets to let people know that they use the smart, IoT-based monitoring tool to improve fleet utilisation and operational efficiency.

"Before we chose BlackBerry Radar for our containers, we tested several products," said Keith Crenshaw, AVP, Procurement & Pricing, Matson Logistics. "BlackBerry Radar proved both reliable and easy to integrate with our systems, with the added benefit of having a small profile when installed on the containers. The data tell us precise container location, whether the container is loaded or empty, and also generates notifications when the doors open or close."

He added, "The reports feature enables us to increase efficiencies and improve utilisation. This technology is a service differentiator for us, and will help us better serve our customers."

"We're proud that Matson Logistics, known for its service excellence, has selected BlackBerry Radar as its asset monitoring solution," said Christopher Plaat, SVP and GM, BlackBerry Radar, BlackBerry. "BlackBerry Radar is a secure, reliable, and easy-to-implement solution that provides fleet operators with data-driven insights into their cargo and mobile assets, enabling business owners to make smarter decisions."