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Image guided robot helps surgeon in live demo

Steve Rogerson
April 11, 2017

The first-ever live laparoscopic surgery using an image-guided robotic assistant was broadcast at this month’s VAAO Symposium for Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery 2017 in Münster, Germany.
The live case was performed by Andreas Hackethal using the AutoLap image guided robot from Israel-based MST Medical Surgery Technologies.
The ovarian cystectomy procedure was conducted using the AutoLap imaged-guided robotically assisted laparoscope positioning system to demonstrate the value of freeing a surgical assistant from the role of camera holder and achieving a consistently stable image and optimal field of view for the surgeon.
AutoLap is attached to the OR bedrail and guides the scope using the Follow Me real-time image analysis software that continuously detects the surgical tools within the surgical cavity. The surgeon controls AutoLap with a wireless wearable control ring.
As AutoLap is compatible with advanced OR equipment, the surgical team for this case combined the system with the Olympus Visera Elite OTV- S190 video system and EndoEye camera head.
"I have used AutoLap in more complex surgeries too, when all the advantages of the system are especially evident," Hackethal said following the broadcast. "I like having the option of switching between AutoLap's different modes during the procedure."
Hackethal's surgical assistant added: "This system allows us to give our attention to the other important tasks without having to hand the camera to someone else or even to the surgeon."
The system interacts with the surgeon's movements in the surgical cavity, guiding the robotic laparoscope positioner in real time, offering the surgeon full and natural control of the surgical procedure and an optimal field of view. It is currently indicated for general laparoscopic, gynaecologic as well as urologic procedures with standard laparoscopes or rigid endoscopes.
"AutoLap is very different from any other system used for laparoscopic procedures, so the participants were excited to have the opportunity to see it being used live," said Holger Schipper, MST's regional sales director, at the symposium. "To date, the system has been used with 25 different types of surgical procedures. The live case ovarian cystectomy was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the system's advantages in a gynaecological procedure."