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Monsanto rolls out asset tracking across enterprise

Steve Rogerson
April 2, 2015
Agricultural biotech company Monsanto is implementing mobile enterprise asset management (EAM) technology to deliver a consistent, reliable and a seamless asset tracking and inventory system across its enterprise. With annual revenues of over $15bn and more than 22,000 employees in 50 countries, it is the world's largest producer of genetically engineered (GE) seed and herbicide glyphosate.
The Missouri-based company was exploring several EAM products that could support its property management and finance organisation to accomplish several mission critical tasks. Visibility and accuracy of asset information across the enterprise, reduction in the total cost of ownership and compliance with the latest regulatory mandates were key drivers. It picked the Innovapptive MAssetTag, which provided a consolidated and configurable asset tracking system.
Users can connect to SAP’s FI-AA finance and asset accounting module to enable them to access asset details and installation information on mobile devices. They can perform several value-added asset tagging tasks including scanning, tracking and auditing the assets to optimise asset visibility and use anytime, anywhere. It works seamlessly on iOS, Android and Windows devices.
A key differentiator is its flexibility to enable high-level configuration using the company’s customisation and extensions cockpit, an SAP certified add-on that provides IT teams with the ability to achieve infinite number of customisations through SAP configuration, without having the need to hire any additional mobile skill sets.
“We are thrilled and honoured that our solution was selected over several mobile EAM solutions, reinforcing the faith that right efforts coupled with technological innovation will always reap rich dividends,” said Sundeep Ravande, president and co-founder at Innovapptive. “We are confident that our customer will witness the same level of productivity enhancements and value as our prior customers that have already implemented MAssetTag. Our unique focus, technical expertise and innovation in SAP mobile and user experience distinguishes us from other service providers to offer world class delivery for SAP mobile solutions.”