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Mobile Awareness tyre monitor helps fleets keep vehicles on the road

Steve Rogerson
August 26, 2015
In-house research and development at Mobile Awareness has produced a commercial tyre monitoring and tracking system with capabilities for asset management in the trucking industry.
Useful for any size fleet of trucks, the MobileTraq collects and processes tyre pressure and temperature information along with the GPS location. Data from vehicles across the fleet are uploaded to the cloud and are accessible via the web site, providing management and maintenance staff with real-time actionable data to prevent field breakdowns.
"The whole premise behind developing MobileTraq was to address the second highest fleet maintenance expense, tyre management, with a complete and cost-effective turnkey solution,” said Gary Rothstein, CEO of Ohio-based Mobile Awareness.
The commercial tyre tracking system starts with the TireStat triple-mount sensor that can be screwed onto valve stems, mounted inside the tyre or attached directly to the inside of the tyre. RFID enabled, the TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) sensors allow for easy documentation and tracking throughout the life of the tyre.
On the road, TireStat sensors track changes in pressure and temperature every minute, detecting even a one tenth of a per cent (0.1%) drop in pressure over the course of that time. The sensors relay these data to the MobileTraq Que or Vue unit, which processes and stores the data, which are then sent to the cloud for real-time monitoring. The fleet manager is notified by text or email whenever tyre pressure or temperature rises above or falls below user-designated levels. By contacting the driver in the field, a tyre problem is addressed before it escalates to the point of tire failure.
By equipping trailers with Que units, fleet management has constant access to the tyre pressure and GPS location of each asset. Even when a trailer is dropped in a lot and left unattended, the TPMS sensors identify slow leaks that would otherwise go undetected on stationary trailers.
When the dispatcher or fleet manager logs into the web site, they can see the pressure and temperature of every tyre on a vehicle, combined with its specific location. Additionally, both warnings and alarms can be remotely configured on any asset for tyre pressure and temperature.
Data compiled on the web can be collected and exported for any range of dates. The tyre performance data can be used to evaluate different tyre brands and anticipate maintenance needs. Comparisons between different routes, drivers, maintenance schedules and other variables can also be analysed.
In addition to facilitating an improved CSA rating and better fuel efficiency, a TPMS can help prevent many of the blowouts that cause shipping delays and highway accidents.