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MNX and Biologistex partner on cold-chain monitoring

Steve Rogerson
May 17, 2016
Cold-chain transportation and logistics company MNX Global Logistics is expanding its GPS and cellular location-based real-time shipment integrity monitoring services through a partnership with Biologistex, a joint venture of BioLife Solutions and Savsu Technologies, a subsidiary of privately held Barson.
Biologistex is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) application for real-time status monitoring of temperature sensitive biological payloads. Working with the Evo Smart Shipper's embedded electronic sensors, Biologistex will receive a live stream of critical payload information, such as location, temperature, pressure, humidity and tilt from the shipper.
"We continually add products and services to our offering that enhance the value that we bring to our customers," said Paul Martins, CEO of California-based MNX. "The Evo Smart Shipper and Biologistex cloud SaaS complement our drive to leverage cutting-edge technologies that help simplify cold-chain shipments for customers in the cell therapy and regenerative medicine markets."
MNX's specialists will be trained in the Biologistex platform, and empowered to use its actionable intelligence to ensure that every shipment arrives within its time, temperature and compliance parameters.
"MNX is the worldwide leader when it comes to the use of real-time surveillance tools to constantly monitor the health of its shipments," said Larry Glasscock, MNX senior vice president. "Biologistex and the Evo Smart Shipper add to this capability and provide a unique solution that is specially tailored for our life sciences and biopharmaceutical customers. These customers now have a fully integrated and seamless way to package and ship their biologics, vaccines or cell therapies, and have the end-to-end transportation process managed for them."
MNX clients include multinationals in the aviation, life science, medical device, secure custody and control, technology, luxury fashion and entertainment industries.
The Biologistex cloud based cold chain management service is an integrated logistics and track-and-trace web app used by shippers of time and temperature sensitive biologic materials.
The Evo Smart Shipper is a precision thermal shipping container with embedded payload monitoring, GPS location tracking and cellular communication electronics that transmit critical shipment information to the cloud. This SaaS app enables users to monitor high value shipments during transit and configure actionable alerts for downstream recipients for location, approaching destination, delivery, package open, and remaining shelf life or stability via the StableAlert countdown timer.