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Missouri River utility tracks and monitors energy efficiency

Steve Rogerson
May 9, 2017
To automate, streamline and scale its regional energy efficiency programmes among 60 member municipal utilities, Missouri River Energy Services (MRES), a generation and transmission utility, has tapped EnergyOrbit’s demand side management (DSM) platform to implement a unified method for reporting energy efficiency activities.
MRES and its members can use the cloud DSM operations platform to streamline the tracking and reporting for programmes that fall under the MRES Bright Energy portfolio, including rebates that are offered for members and their customers who install energy-efficient equipment.
MRES is a not-for-profit joint-action agency that provides wholesale electricity and a wide range of energy services, including Bright Energy, to its 60 members in the states of Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.
Bright Energy is a portfolio of energy-efficiency cash-incentive programmes to help residential and business users reduce their electric energy costs and operate more efficiently. The programme is offered to residential and business users of participating municipal utilities who are members of MRES.
By engaging with California-based EnergyOrbit, organisations similar to MRES have realised improved efficiency and DSM operational savings by up to 75 per cent.
"With the new EnergyOrbit platform, our members can independently attain all of their own tracking and reporting needs," said MRES energy services manager Shannon Murfield. "It also offers MRES more opportunities for customer engagement."
By leveraging the platform, MRES can use data and analytics to make informed decisions and more effectively manage their projects. Similarly, MRES can now organise data from its members to use and report more efficiently their energy efficiency data. The platform allows seamless access for multiple parties or outside sources to submit their information electronically, all in one place.
Setup and configuration of the platform can be accomplished quickly and suits smaller programmes. It also can be scaled up to service large programme growth and expansion. The cloud-based platform reduces the burden on IT teams and empowers DSM programme managers with the proper tools and information to carry on their objectives.
"One of our core missions is to ensure our clients are able to move away from non-collaborative, static business solutions and realise significant productivity gains by switching to collaborative, online solution," said Udi Merhav, CEO of EnergyOrbit. "Missouri River Energy Services and the Bright Energy programme are working to help businesses and residents conveniently attain energy savings. However, that can become difficult if the majority of your time is spent formatting and organising data and spreadsheets. We are certain that by adopting EnergyOrbit, MRES will be able to more effectively run its DSM operations as well as have more touch points to engage and provide value to its members."
Founded in 2007, EnergyOrbit is deployed with utilities and third-party implementers across North America. It empowers utilities to deploy DSM programmes in hours, scale programmes and portfolios efficiently, and streamline utility customer relationships, partners and internal communications seamlessly. As of 2015, the platform has helped utilities and third-party implementers collectively reduce over 5585GWh of energy demand, equivalent to 97 per cent of San Francisco's annual electricity use.