Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Remote patient monitoring on way to hospital

Steve Rogerson
January 30, 2018

Chinese medical equipment maker Mindray has introduced a way for hospitals to monitor patients travelling to and from the hospital using ambulances, helicopters and civic flights.
The BeneVision N1 patient monitor is for the varying demands of intra and out-of-hospital patient transport, and integrates seamlessly into the BeneVision in-hospital patient monitoring system.
In compliance with out-of-hospital patient transport standards such as EN1789, EN13718-1, IEC60601-1-12 and US military standards, N1 suits various out-of-hospital transport settings both on land and in air.
It uses a clinically tested ease-of-use workflow, all while maintaining patient data continuity. Weighing less than 1kg, the palm-sized monitor provides clear viewing from all angles with a high-definition touchscreen and streamlined workflow with intuitive operation.
The data analysis improves parameters' accuracy and anti-interference ability. Its fully integrated side-stream CO2 module monitors the patient's breathing by connecting with the sampling line directly, saving the shackles of expanding external modules for transport.
The device can be adapted to the clinical needs across the hospital from a plug-and-play module, to transport, to a stand-alone bedside monitor. It can be connected into BeneVision N-series bedside monitor as a module or function as an independent bedside monitor.
The connectivity capabilities let it follow a patient throughout the entire care process, ensuring data continuity for patient-centric monitoring, thereby improving overall information management efficiency.