Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

AWS helps Metova provide IoT fleet management

Steve Rogerson
July 14, 2020

Tennessee-based Metova is using multiple connected technologies and IoT services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its turnkey fleet management IoT system.
This can save employee time locating physical assets, automate data collection and data entry, and provide business intelligence and cost savings.
"IoT presents a new world of opportunity for industries that can benefit from increased awareness of location and status of their equipment," said Josh Smith, CEO of Metova. "Our award-winning experience in leveraging existing and emerging technologies combined with our advanced consulting partner status in the AWS Partner Network allow us to offer a complete turnkey IoT solution that is transforming the way companies manage and maintain their fleet equipment."
Metova’s manufacturer agnostic fleet management IoT system can provide:

  • Functional proof-of-concept in under 12 weeks;
  • Multiple ways to map geographic data and sites;
  • Accelerated business results from analysed data;
  • Integration and synchronisation of asset data with ERP finance and maintenance modules; and
  • Broad distribution, services and scalability.
"As a leading multi-state materials handling company, we are constantly looking for RoI using technology to optimise our business and provide better customer service," said Tom Showalter, president at Herc-U-Lift. "Metova's solution is a real time-saver, enabling us to optimise equipment maintenance schedules, find a specific rental vehicle on demand or look up equipment history all from a mobile device, and all while operating in temperatures as low as -40˚C and withstanding hard shock and water in abusive environments."
It is serverless, the native architecture of the cloud that increases agility and innovation, eliminating infrastructure management tasks and allow it to be run without thinking about servers.
The system is built on top of AWS IoT Core, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB services, which provide scale and availability at a lower cost of ownership and reduced IT overhead.
Founded in 2006, with a belief that mobile would be even more transformative than the internet, Metova set out to build mobile applications.