Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Metova facilitates testing of LoRa devices

Steve Rogerson
October 18, 2018
Metova, a Tennessee-based provider of mobile, connected car, connected home and IoT products, has announced a suite of LoRa offerings designed to facilitate testing and certification of connected devices as well as manage and operate LoRa networks and installations.
As businesses and industries are increasingly adopting connected devices to improve workflow, maintain customer satisfaction and increase profitability, Metova's LoRa offerings provide scalable facilities to help make the leap into the connected world of the IoT.
LoRa Cert, a testing and certification offering, allows for network operators and hardware suppliers to run real-world tests on hardware using network-specific settings before deploying fully across a live LoRa network. The tests ensure that hardware properly responds to configuration requests, increased or decreased bandwidth and power draw, and otherwise will not disrupt a LoRa network.
This is key for hardware builders, and operators of LoRa networks to ensure one bad set of devices doesn't disrupt the rest. For network providers requiring devices to conform to their own protocol on top of the LoRa platform, Metova says it can ensure compliance with any custom requirements.
"LoRa's long-range, low power-draw and affordability make it an excellent choice for industries that require connectivity for metering, agriculture, logistics and much more, but it's essential for both hardware builders and network operators to know that all parts of the network operate reliably within certain guidelines," said Andrew Cowart, CTO at Metova. "As experts in LoRa and a LoRa Alliance member, we're proud to offer our trusted certification testing and LoRa Link, enabling any company that builds connected devices or that can benefit from a connected workforce to take control by utilising LoRa."
LoRa Link is a complete LoRa server offering everything needed to operate and maintain a LoRa network. Its web application allows for easy, intuitive control of key LoRa network functions including device management, network control and integration with external services. In addition, the architecture and underlying technology allow for it to scale easily.
LoRa Cert provides automated testing. Users can set up automated tests when they integrate new devices on the network and ensure they respond to configuration commands and won't disrupt the other nodes. It certifies hardware for adoption in existing LoRa networks and facilitates large-scale hardware adoption in municipal and large-scale LoRa networks.
LoRa Link provides:

  • Gateway management: Simple to use interface for adding gateways and creating custom channel plans with a map view to see where gateways are located.
  • Integration: Whether it's controlling data going to devices or getting data out, LoRa Link integrates with existing hardware.
  • Custom network algorithm builder: Optimise a network based on specific needs and requirements.
  • Control: Send any mac command or custom downlink, whether to debug a device for development or specific control of a single deployed device.
  • Transparency: LoRa Link puts the full LoRa stack at the user’s fingertips while exposing uplinks received and downlinks sent.