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Merlin brings AI to healthcare

Steve Rogerson
July 18, 2017
Minnesota-based healthcare AI company has allowed the first glimpse of its Merlin platform for healthcare artificial intelligence.
The AI, due to be released in autumn, provides diagnostic and treatment services to help consumers and healthcare professionals make their clinical decisions quickly, accurately and effectively, decreasing expenses for doctors and hospitals and increasing positive outcomes for patients. It is claimed to be a smarter, safer way to make clinical decisions.
Merlin's multi-modular enterprise architecture is built by physicians and has the ability to manage limitless categories of data from consumers, diagnostic clinicians and commercial users, such as payers, ACOs, clinical research organisations, pharma and the biotech world.
"This unique enterprise class intelligence platform brings forth an entirely new ethos to healthcare, more akin to Uber, Airbnb and Wikipedia, rather than traditional healthcare IT data models,” said John Fraser, president and CEO. “Unlike other healthcare artificial intelligence companies, we target the point-of-care diagnosis and therefore can affect and impact all stakeholders in healthcare, globally."
The platform creates a new category due to the healthcare-wide reach of modules and applications. The multi-modular aspect provides value exchange to all consumers, clinicians and commercial users.
Merlin has the ability to become a guiding force in the move towards value-based care. Providing financial, legal and clinical risk mitigation, the holistic healthcare enterprise intelligence platform (EIP) targets improved patient safety, cost of care and overall healthcare outcomes, globally.
"After decades of searching for a healthcare IT unicorn, I believe Treatment delivers the requirements," said Paul Markham, chief strategy officer of Treatment. “This incredible horizontal platform sets forth a framework allowing for multiple business models to be built and supported. Treatment's physician-built platform serves the masses and the platform approach lays the foundation for many impactful tools to the market. Everything about Treatment is different, from the commercial platform ethos to the unique architecture, delivering a comprehensive set of Amazonian level possibilities.”
Merlin delivers a suite of modules serving the consumer, clinical and commercial stakeholders in healthcare. Furthermore, the platform is said to be better than conventional artificial intelligence options because it delivers hybrid commercial pricing models, challenging traditional care schemes. The platform allows for information exchange, commercial value exchange and commercial software development.