Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Sustaining Member Benefits

IMC Sustaining Member-Companies pay an annual fee to receive tangible benefits, listed below. ONLY IMC Sustainers are eligible to receive these benefits, in keeping with our association privacy policies, except where noted. Please request our Benefits Matrices for a description of specific benefits, restrictions, pricing, and more. Annual Membership Fees are charged on a rolling basis, and are billable in British Pounds, Euros, or US Dollars.

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All IMC Sustainers receive immeasurable benefits of playing a lead role in the IoT sector's largest and fastest-growing organization.

  • Seat on the IMC Board of Governors - IMC Sustaining Memberships currently confer a seat on the board, allowing those companies to set the group agenda, and providing crucial channel relationships.

  • Company Branding - Sustaining Companies attach their brand to all IMC content, displaying their rightful place as industry leaders.

  • Content Posting - Sustainers can post use-cases, white papers and blog posts on the IMC portal with link-backs at no cost.


The mission of the IMC is to bring buyers and sellers together to foster the adopter ion IoT technology. Unlike other marketing channels, which draw largely from the vendor ecosystem, our webinars bring qualified enterprise users, OEMs, and apps developers that buy IoT solutions, mostly from our community of over 25,000 buyers. Lead-gen programs include...

  • The IoT Infrastructure Marketplace at the Consumer Electronics Show - the IMC is the exclusive IoT partner for CES, drawing tens of thousands of OEMs in automotive, medical devices, wearable, smart appliances, and more! (Open to non-members - IMC Members get preference in terms of placement.)

  • The IMC RFP Program - starting with IoT software platforms, IoT buyers sourcing solutions turn to our template RFPs, which include assessments of products/service offered by participating vendors.

  • The IoT Readiness Calculator - our software widget survey-tool provides exclusive leads and improves SEO while providing users with an estimate of their deployments requirements based on their vertical market!

  • IMC Webinars - typically drawing 200-500 registrations per event, which can be done in a custom fashion, or as part of our schedule of multi-sponsored webinars.


The IMC offers a single platform for targeted advertising programs to reach IoT buyers (only!). You can further target your messaging to reach any of 24 different vertical markets we cover, or specific geographic regions, or specific products purchased. No other marketing platform offers this kind of flexibility!

  • Email Blasts - send your messaging directly to our membership, with demographic targets or covering all 25,000 rank-and-file members.

  • Advertising - run your banners on our website, or any one of our nine (9) content channels - some advertising opportunities are unlimited!

  • Custom Promos - design your own promotional pieces to be sent to our lists.


We consider our IMC Adopter Member rolls to be the largest market-segmentation study ever conducted for the IoT sector - with more than 25,000 data sets, certainly statistically valid! Opportunities for using our membership to answer crucial questions for your business include...

  • Quantitative Research - our IoT Buyers' Index tracks IoT buying patterns for connectivity, hardware, software, and more, while providing unique trending analysis.

  • Qualitative Research - Sustainers have access to our Connected Leadership Committee, which is essentially a focus group of top IoT buyers, mostly from Fortune 500's.

  • Standard Custom Research - if you have a question that you would like to put in front of 25,000 qualified IoT buyers, we’ll make that happen and tally it for you!

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