Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

MachNation software verifies IoT platforms

Steve Rogerson
January 30, 2020

IoT testing and benchmarking firm MachNation has launched MIT-E Performance (MIT-E Pf) software built exclusively for performance and scalability testing of IoT platforms. It can verify platform performance for up to ten million IoT devices and one million IoT messages per second.
MIT-E Pf us said to meet all requirements for IoT platform performance testing:

  • Purpose-built for IoT: It simulates real-world IoT message flows while identifying and tracking every message.
  • Scalable, cloud native and API based: It scales to match user needs while systematically orchestrating the spin-up and spin-down processes.
  • Template driven: Customers can use pre-designed templates or design custom test templates.
  • Open data and analytics: MachNation developers and data scientists have built an MIT-E Pf reporting and big data engine that delivers native analytics reports and makes data available for users' BI tools.
  • Operated and managed by IoT experts: It is supported by developers and testers at MachNation who use IoT platforms daily.
Enterprises, service providers and IoT platform vendors now have an independent, accurate and reproducible way to measure IoT performance without impacting their deployments in the field. North Carolina-based MachNation designed MIT-E Pf to deliver accuracy while ensuring that enterprise production deployments are isolated from the testing process.
"MachNation, a company known for exceptional technology skills and fact-based insights, is entering a new phase by launching performance testing software for IoT platforms," said Steve Hilton, president of MachNation. “MIT-E Pf will revolutionise the way enterprises design, procure and test IoT platforms. No longer will enterprises need to rely on IoT vendors' claims about the scalability of their solutions."
Designed using the standard software and development methodologies, MachNation can deploy MIT-E Pf on-premises or in the cloud. Leveraging serverless microservices and containerised load generation, MachNation has created an infrastructure as code (IaC) tool that can test dynamic and scalable IoT platforms.
"We have designed MIT-E Pf from the ground up with the IoT user in mind," said Samuel Hale, technology analyst and MIT-E Pf head architect at MachNation. “We saw a huge void in the market for IoT-centric performance testing software, so we started with a clean sheet of paper and have built a tool that is template-based, simulates real-world IoT message flows and is API driven.”
MachNation is continuing to add functionality, testing templates and metrics to MIT-E Pf. With four performance categories, 20 performance tests and 67 metrics per load schedule, MIT-E Pf is said to set the industry standard for IoT-first performance testing software.