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Colorado partnership helps oil and gas flowline inspection

Steve Rogerson
May 25, 2017
Colorado companies Luminent and CartoPac have produced tiered technology and services to help oil and gas companies of any size quickly and efficiently comply with flowline inspection requirements.
The Luminent approach is based on CartoPac technology, already being deployed in Colorado, which helps collect and report geospatial pipeline inspection data meeting the requirements of the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission's May 2017 Notice to Operators on flowline inspections.
"Luminent offers sub-meter mapping accuracy, meeting or exceeding COGCC requirements," said Luminent CEO Scott Crouch. "Companies can utilise our hardware and equipment to conduct field work including capturing location and specified characteristics. Or, Luminent can provide certified and qualified staff along with equipment to identify and document flowline features and inspection data."
Luminent experts are available to help operators complete and submit reports to COGCC.
With CartoPac, Luminent also offers a suite of enterprise mobile software applications that enable energy companies to collect, manage and derive value from field asset data.
"Luminent stands ready to assist companies large or small to meet the state's phase I and phase II requirements and to help assure the safety of their system," said Crouch.
Similar CartoPac technology is in use worldwide to help companies better manage distributed assets. Both Luminent and CartoPac are based in Fort Collins.