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Longan contactless technology flattens Covid-19 curve

Steve Rogerson
August 26, 2020

Contactless temperature taking technology can help flatten the Covid-19 curve, according to Canadian company Longan Vision.
The company has developed infra-red and AI technology in partnership with Convergence Healthcare Solutions (CHCS) to enable distanced temperature taking at a number of facilities in Toronto, including a long-term care (LTC) facility in Markham, Ontario.
Along with its own proprietary remote monitoring system, CHCS has had this technology in operation at the Mon Sheong LTC facility in Markham, helping the facility achieve zero Covid-19 infections.
The technology bundle of two infra-red cameras with computer interface enables the reception desk in any building to take the temperature of visitors up to eight people and residents from up to 5.4m away, clearly displaying the temperature of all the people measured within its capture radius. This platform could make invasive, handheld thermometers obsolete.
"This has made it possible to use innovation to make things easier and more efficient," said Tim Kwan, chairman of the Mon Sheong Foundation (MSF), which operates 11 seniors' facilities. "It provides peace of mind for staff, residents and visitors alike, and saves nurse and PSW (personal support worker) time."
Founded by Jasmine Wang (pictured) and Steven Wang, CHCS was created to provide innovations for seniors, including an IoT system that can constantly monitor to detect falls, sudden changes in heart rate, blood oxygen level, or distress calls providing ample time for effective assistance for LTC residents. Such an IoT system is being piloted at Mon Sheong Private Care.
MSF, one of the largest charities in Ontario, operates three LTC facilities, four senior living facilities and two private care facilities. Another LTC facility with more than 300 beds is being built in Stouffville.
The main mission of CHCS is to empower seniors with AI, machine learning and big data to improve the quality of care at LTCs and senior homes in Canada. CHCS provides an AI-driven platform and IoT products that connect all smart devices to advance the state of senior care.
Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Longan Vision specialises in applying thermal imaging hardware and optical technologies. Its flagship product is the Fusion Vision System (FVS).