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Logistics One installs tracking and management technology on trailer fleet

Steve Rogerson
June 2, 2015
New York based Logistics One is installing tracking and management technology on its fleet of 300 trailers. Logistics One provides integrated warehousing, transportation and freight brokerage services throughout the north-eastern USA and Canada. The company specialises in distribution for the food, beverage and paper industries.
The company made the move following a 60-day pilot that demonstrated multiple benefits including accurate trailer load status for more efficient dispatching, reduced trailer dormancy, elimination of trailer yard checks, identification of trailers being used for storage, and more efficient fleet maintenance management.
The technology comes from ID Systems subsidiary Asset Intelligence, a provider of wireless industrial IoT products. The Texas-based company will deploy its VeriWise Dry Van product during the five-year contract.
"The VeriWise Dry Van tracking system captures powerful, actionable data on our trailers and their cargo, including real-time location and accurate loaded and unloaded status," said Tom Moss, Logistics One's director of transportation. "We will use the data to drive process changes, which we expect will significantly reduce trailer dormancy and increase the revenue capacity of our existing fleet by hundreds of trailer-days per month."
The system combines sensor, wireless and web technologies to provide real-time visibility and control of trailers and their cargo. It automatically identifies, analyses and responds to critical transportation issues to improve the efficiency and security of logistics operations.
"We are providing Logistics One with state-of-the-art trailer tracking technology – our GSM-D300 system, which combines a patented light sensor with a full trailer-length cargo sensor," said Norman Ellis, ID Systems' COO. "Based on the effectiveness of the initial deployment of the base system, Logistics One has also asked us to integrate tyre inflation sensing into the system. We look forward to continue working with Logistics One to help them deliver best-in-class transportation for their customers."
One person can install the system in 20 to 30 minutes. It includes real-time location tracking via GPS, and triggers automatic notifications when exception events occur. Even when a trailer is disconnected from a tractor, the system will still report data for up to five months.
The patented light sensor functions like a wired door sensor, without the installation cost or risk of damage to exposed cables.
The system meets IP69K and SAE J1455 environmental standards. A seven-way tractor power connection ensures reliable charging of the system's five-year battery. The system can be swapped quickly and easily from trailer to trailer. Advanced fleet data analytics are also offered as an option.
The VeriWise Intermodal container management system helps increase asset use and reduce transit cycle times. It enables visibility and control of containers from the seaport to the rail yard and ultimately to the final destination, marking loading and unloading events, which helps increase shipments and revenue per container.
A chassis tracking system provides visibility to chassis location and loaded and unloaded status. It also captures gate times, locations and container mount times and locations to start and stop the billing clock, resulting in high data reliability and more accurate billing.
The trailer monitoring system has full-length cargo detection sensors and solar charging technology. The system reports reliable, uninterrupted trailer location and loaded and unloaded status. 
The company also has a low-cost, easy-to-deploy, asset tracking system that provides real-time data to improve the efficiency and security of trailer and container fleets. It is designed for quick, easy, flexible installation on a wide range of cargo-carrying assets, with patented power management technology to provide long battery life and years of maintenance-free operation.